IRON MAIDEN ALBUM SURVIVOR 2023: Round 12; Top 17, #6

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The X Factor is a perfect autumn album, it goes together well with albums like Theatre Of Tragedy´s Aégis and The Cure´s Disintegration.
So many years, Bruce back in the band for so long and yet so much hate and so many votes against TXF as if this was still the 90s.

The X Factor is a blueprint for the reunion era. It is 'Arry at his most personal and emotionally vulnerable. It is full of his bass. And Blaze is more fitting for this material than Bruce would be (back then, I think that post-2010 Bruce would be awesome covering the entirety of TXF).
I don't understand you, people, really.
It’s a rough drawing of a blueprint. It’s a sketch. A doodle. And then it’s the exact same doodle drawn over and over and over again. In muted black watercolours.

Just because it was a turning point does not mean it’s great.
I like TXF (both Blaze albums), but I understand that because of its vibe is not for everyone. Those melancholic long intros and the melodies of the songs are something I enjoy, with all the different emotions they evoke. Maiden's intros are always very good (they mastered them during the Reunion era).
VXI is much closer to the classic Maiden sound, but its reputation is ruined due to the repetition in just 2 songs and due to a ''bad'' production (as if the debut and NPFTD have great ones). Vocals are the same. It's a more upbeat album, but the fans prefer TXF right because of that melancholic vibe, although the melodies on VXI can do the same for me.
Not really surprising that VXI would go so early. Thankfully the other two albums in my top 3 are AMOLAD and SSOASS so those have better chances. Votes remained the same and will do so until the bottom of the barrel is gone:

Iron Maiden
The Number Of The Beast
The Final Frontier
Disappointed that Virtual XI was the first knockout but my three least favorite IM albums are still (in this order):
15: X Factor
16: No Prayer for the Dying
17: Fear of the Dark
I like the appreciation for Brave New World, yet there are folks voting against Dance Of Death. But why so? What does BNW offer that DoD doesn't? Just curious...
I like the appreciation for Brave New World, yet there are folks voting against Dance Of Death. But why so? What does BNW has to offer that DoD doesn't? Just curious...
Better songs and much better production, though I also feel that Brave New World is overrated (half of it is excellent, the other half not so much).