IRON MAIDEN ALBUM REFERENDUM 2020: Results -> Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son wins!

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I tried to rate individual songs on both albums out of 10 and add them together and ended up with an equal 65 points for SSOASS and Powerslave...:facepalm:
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No, not 65% but 65 points for 8 songs, that is 81.25% out of 100. Of course, the album as a whole brings the percentage higher but I’m talking points here, not a mark for the album as a whole. I need to listen to them back-to-back to vote, hope the poll won’t close before Saturday.
My very valid and very real opinions:

Rime > Seventh Son
Powerslave > Evil That Men Do
(you can reverse those but they generally are the top rated)

Infinite Dreams, Moonchild > Aces High, 2 Minutes
(first one is close, 2nd not so much)

Duellists > The Clairvoyant
(the instrumental section of the Duellists is the most under-rated 3 minutes in Maiden's entire catalog)

Flash of the Blade > Can I Play With Madness
(battle of the cheese)

Only the Good Die Young > Back in the Village

Prophecy > Losfer Words
(although lots of people love Book of Souls, but hate on Losfer Words--listen closer, they're the same)

So clearly Powerslave is the better album. How? you ask. It is longer. thinking of both albums, they are both absolutely awesome.
And yes, the instrumental-section in The Duellists is very cool, too bad they never played that song live.
Voted for Powerslave with no regrets. SOASS is my favorite album. I like it so much, it accompanies my life for so many years now. At the age of 17, I started to listen to it before every important events: exams, driving licence, job interviews, even my wedding day and the day of my son's birth. So now it's not just only a perfect album, it became the soundtrack of my life.
SSOASS is THE album IMO. Despite losing some of the power of the earlier albums and conceptualy being iffy... It's the masterpiece. It shows what mature IM is. And what they would be if H stayed.

Top 16
01. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son ▲1
02. Powerslave ▼1
03. Somewhere In Time ▲2
04. A Matter Of Life & Death ▼1
05. Piece Of Mind ▼1
06. Brave New World ◄0
07. The Book Of Souls ◄0
08. The Number Of The Beast ◄0
09. Iron Maiden ▲1
10. The X Factor ▲1
11. The Final Frontier ▼2
12. Dance Of Death ◄0
13. No Prayer For The Dying ▲1
14. Killers ▼1
15. Fear Of The Dark ◄0
16. Virtual XI ◄0
Standings of the Ultimate Top 10:

1Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son5813141516
3Somewhere In Time5615151214
4Piece Of Mind4912121312
5A Matter Of Life & Death4810111413
6Brave New World40991111
7The Final Frontier35111086
8The Number Of The Beast348899
9Iron Maiden276678
10The X Factor277767
11The Book Of Souls20001010
12Dance Of Death205555
14No Prayer For The Dying102134
15Fear Of The Dark81322
16Virtual XI73211
Aside from the debut and The X Factor being about 5 slots too high, the rest is surprisingly close to my own personal ranking.