IRON MAIDEN ALBUM REFERENDUM 2020: Results -> Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son wins!

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Твои карие глаза, твои сладкие уста
It’s really really difficult for me to choose the worst of these three. POM to SS is just an amazing sequence of albums.

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Top 16
Somewhere In Time
04. A Matter Of Life & Death
05. Piece Of Mind
06. Brave New World
07. The Book Of Souls
08. The Number Of The Beast
09. Iron Maiden
10. The X Factor
11. The Final Frontier
12. Dance Of Death
13. No Prayer For The Dying
14. Killers
15. Fear Of The Dark
16. Virtual XI
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Out of the Silent Planet

The only song that is not a classic in SSOASS album is ''The Prophecy'' - masterpiece!

Powerslave has 4 classics. ''The Duellists'' is a gem. FOTB is good and only the chorus in BITV is a bit meh. I don't like ''Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)'' - a proper song (not instrumental) is missing IMHO. A song-type like COTD or ''Revelations''.... a Dave's song (btw, the only albums without his writing contribution are Killers, TNOTB, Powerslave and TXF).

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Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son seems to be nobody's favorite but also nobody has an agenda against it because it's everyone's favorite like SIT, so it's just gonna sneak into the 1st place. Last 5 albums that got eliminated are all better than these 2.


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I love both Powerslave is a monumental album. It's a 9.9 for me. The sound is amazing. It's the best sounding vinyl I have in my collection. It's Heavy Metal, Speed Metal and Progressive Metal album. But Seventh Son of a Seventh Son has a particular feeling for me. It was my first Maiden album I bought with the money I was saving from my parents. I remember April 88 Metal Hammer I think where Bruce was on the cover and weeks later I went to the store and I saw the cover…God…It was love at first sight. A different colored logo and I noticed that it was the new one. At that time …the store had a top ten sales albums and new ones. A few ones came with the insert lyrics and Maiden had the best package. I saw the cover, back cover, songs…insert lyrics, the prophet artwork… I bought it and I played a thousand times. I can play it now and it was like they have recorded yesterday. Sublime. Amazing. A Masterpiece!


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SSOASS is my favorite actually but Im not sure if that's the spot it's always had because, there's a slight change of albums around the top 5 or so, based on the feeling, state of mind and position of moon.
Maiden albums are difficult to rank because every album has some pro and minor cons. Powerlave sounds absolutely fantastic and I just had to put the original UK-vinyl on to my turntable now, I think it might be their peak in the 80's regarding sound. Too bad some songs from Powerslave and SIT are so overlooked and forgotten by the band. Even Infinite Dreams is so forgotten.
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Time to prove you’re a slave to the power of death, Powerslave. (You’re still a great album, though.)


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Somewhere in Time in third place could only happen on this forum. Not that the album isn't great.


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Somewhere in Time in third place could only happen on this forum. Not that the album isn't great.
That's the beauty of elimination games. You vote away the albums you have issues of some sort with. Doesn't necessarily leave us with our joint favourite album. If we were to vote for our favourite album of each turn in a promotion style poll, from the top down, we could well ended with a different result.
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