IRON MAIDEN ALBUM REFERENDUM 2020: Results -> Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son wins!

Are you satisfied with the results?

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Top nine and bottom 7 are the correct albums in the wrong order, the best album is number 1, can't really argue with it too much.

Only really weird ones are The X Factor and Somewhere in Time too high and Killers too low, and The Number of the Beast being rated a bang average album is an obvious cry for help from the forum.
SSOASS is more than a worthy winner.

It's great that there is a reunion album in the top 5. BNW should have been there too IMO. TBOS album so high is a nice surprise.

FOTD and VXI on the last two places - farce!

DOD remains underrated album. TNOTB album is three places lower. Fantastic achievement for AMOLAD though.
Overall seems decent. Book Of Souls and especially Brave New World inflated. The X Factor should be a bit higher and Killers is criminally down rated. Apart from that it's acceptable.