Infinite Dreams

How good is Infinite Dreams on a scale of 1-10?

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10/10! :edmetal: If you want to know why I think this song deserves a ten, check the above post.
Wow. What a song. That scream in the middle is probably Bruce's best (even better than the one from The Number Of The Beast). Opening solo is great. I wish they played this song instead of Moonchild on SBIT tour. 10/10.
7/10, Excellent lyrics, when it gets going about the 3:14 mark, I really like it most from there.
10- utterly astounding song.  Great in every way.  The fast section is one of my very favorite Maiden moments.  Brilliant.
Re: Daily Song: Infinite Dreams

Prowler_108 said:
It's not a joke.  I've heard bootlegs of Infinite Dreams from the Seventh Son tour, and it doesn't sound good at all.  I'd like to see it myself to judge it though.

So did I. I don't see what's wrong - Maiden sounded that way in 1988, they had more raw power but they weren't as half as tight and synchronized as today. Nicko was very loose throughout the tour, even on official release from NEC Birmingham show you can see how he misses tempo several times - after first TETMD chorus, after second intro lick (before the solo) in Wasted Years, right before chorus on Die With Your Boots On, etc...Bruce had terrible nights as well, as with any '84-'93 tour.

Considering all that, Infinite Dreams live is neither better or worse. Some parts i like better at studio, some live.
Keep in mind if they ever decide to play this one again, they are going to do it at original tempo with a lot more feeling, groove and control, recapturing that studio track atmosphere. And yeah, i don't have any doubts that Bruce is going to nail it. He was far, far better on SBiT tour, than on original World Slavery Tour.

A side note : did you know they needed to calm Nicko down while composing this track in studio? He was far too aggressive and started banging all the way at first. 
Hope you don't mind me asking mate, but where did you read that? I love such stories, especially when they are about some of the best songs Maiden ever did. :)
Of course i don't mind. On the most significant Iron Maiden fan site. You have only one guess  ;)

Edit : disregard my teaser. IMC appears to be offline. Thankfully, there's a copy from 2008 (when it was hosted on this site) forever archived. ... ink=albums

There's a track on the album called 'Infinite Dreams' which starts out really dreamy and Hendrix-y and has all kinds of things all over it, and the whole thing just builds up. We really had difficulties with Nicko for this one. He started hammering away like crazy and we told him, "No! Play it more soft, more soberly!"
Zare said:
Maiden sounded that way in 1988, they had more raw power but they weren't as half as tight and synchronized as today.
I agree. It's especially noticeable on live songs recorded in 1988/89 that appear on BBC Archives. Also, Bruce was sick most of the time, so he sounds really bad on some songs.
I feel that they are more concentrated and tight these days, especially Bruce, than in first Bruce era.
There's a great interview with Steve from NPFTD era (available on IMC, too), regarding integrity of the band, profits and all that stuff.

Another classic Maiden track that feels like it's taking you on an immense journey. There are so many ideas in the song that by the time it's finished I'm amazed that they've fitted it all into six minutes, yet at the same time it never feels like a tune that outstays its welcome either. Many bands wouldn't put this much thought into their entire catalogue, let alone a single song.

From the Axis: Bold As Love style Hendrixisms of the opening verses, through the many changes in key, tempo and dynamics, to the harmonies that envelop everything, this is a masterpiece of composition and arrangement. The lyrics manage to be profound without sounding daft, and Bruce projects them tremendously. The famous scream at 3:14 is one of his most sinister moments in the Maiden discography. The band play like a single organism throughout, and it's hard to imagine the whole track being put together piece by piece. Like certain other songs, such as 'Bohemian Rhapsody', I almost imagine that this one was "discovered", and has always existed in some way, such is the perfection of its interlocking parts.

[I know, I know. You get the idea. I cannot get enough of this song!]
10. I have nothing bad at all to say about this song. It probably has the best lyrics of any Maiden song, and another awesome instrumental section by maiden. One of the strongest on the album.
One of my favourite songs ever.
I hope that Maiden would play this song on Maiden England European tour this year!
One of the best Iron Maiden songs for me : great vocals and guitar melodies!! My favourite part is "This can't be all coincidence too many things etc..." So much emotions!

For those who're interested I've made my own vocal of Infinite Dreams :

Apologize my french accent ;)

I love this song. The music continually escalates, the guitars are perfect, bass is great, drums are top notch, and Bruce is killing it.

The solos are brief, but incredibly catchy. The bluesy clean guitars during the first verse (especially Murray's) are some of my favorite Maiden guitar work of all time. Overall, one of my favorite tunes for guitar in the whole catalog.