How old were you when you started listening to Maiden and which 3 albums did you buy first?

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29 here. Heard Aces High when I was 17 and was blown away at the tight combination of melody and speed. Picked up Flight 666 (album) from the local library and burned myself a copy. Bought The Final Frontier brand new few weeks later (but missed the 2010 tour as I couldn't drive yet and couldn't find anyone to go with.) Picked up Piece of Mind and Powerslave late-2010 or so.

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I was about 16 when I first started getting into them. 45 now. My first "new" album that came out after I was into them was A Real Live One. I'd already bought the newest album at the time, FotD, but can't remember which album I bought first. All I remember is my brother-in-law at the time told me not to bother with Somewhere in Time. It was crap. :lol:


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I was about 9 years old. I got into them playing the game ‘Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now’. Maiden provided four songs for the soundtrack. I asked my dad who the band were and he said they were Iron Maiden. He told me to ask my uncle (fan since ‘76) about them. The rest is history.

The first albums I bought were Virtual XI, Brave New World and Fear of the Dark. My dad bought Best of the Beast before I got VXI.


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I was 15 in 1983. Bought Piece Of Mind(vinyl) after hearing Flight Of Icarus on a local radio station. Been buying their albums ever since. So my first 3 studio albums were Piece Of Mind,Powerslave and Somewhere In Time. Bought the live album, Live After Death in 1985. Have a amassed a collection of live shows, some singles/a few vinyl albums,cassettes and CDs totaling around 80. My 2CD Best Of The Beast is quite scratched up, but ti still plays.Made sure not to make the same mistake with Eddie's Archive:) The discs are virtually pristine and I never took a drink out of the shot glass:):)


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15. I taped NOTB. First I bought was POM and then 3 first ones at the same time. I cycled 50 km to buy POM from the nearest town.


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I was 13 when I heard Maiden for the very first time. Someone from the school lend me the Piece of Mind tape with the lyrics with AC/DC's Flick of the Switch and Fighting the World by Manowar. The album cover was captivating what can I say. My favorites songs then were Die with your boots on and The Trooper and the catchy chorus of sun and steel. After that I researched in the Music section of the Mall and I saw the Maiden Logo behind some mainstream albums of that time. and it was The Live After Death album. Awesome. The cover, the colors the gatefold, 2 discs amazing pictures and I know from that moment when they clicked on me. That album was the trigger. I bought a pirate tape with that album and it blown me away…The Churchill's speech intro with the first notes of Aces High… The speed, the energy and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner…wow. So at that time (April 1988) I bought the Metal Hammer magazine with Bruce on the cover and I knew that they would release a new album that month so I were very excited. I remember I received a music catalog every month and it had a section of new releases and t-shirt. I bought the AC/DC new album. 'Blow up your video' my first vinyl. I saw the Can I play with madness t-shirt and I bought it too. I have to say that I was one of the first kids wearing a Maiden or heavy metal t-shirt in my school. The next week I went to the Mall and I saw the new Maiden record in the novelties albums. Amazing. The seventh Son of a Seventh Son album a new Eddie, new colors…with the lyrics…awesome I bought them immediately and since then it's my favorite album of all time in music. I have played so many times…

So my first albums were:
1. AC/DC - Blow up your video
2. Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
3. I don't remember well, but it could be Metallica's And Justice for all. the release date. or Anthrax State of Euphoria

If you're asking for my first 3 Maiden albums.
1. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
2. Live After Death
3. I don't remember. Could be Powerslave or The Number of the Beast.

Anyway. Nice memories. :D


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I told this story a thousand times but I'll do it again because I recently received a postscript of sorts to it and I had to think of it when reading @jazz from hell 's recent post.

I was introduced to Maiden when we were discussing Satanism and cults in religion class in c. 1999/2000. My teacher wanted to discuss some Satanist music with us and played Number of the Beast with a poorly translated lyrics sheet; I actually think that he chose this song because it was accessible and he expected at least some of us to like it to demonstrate the seductiveness of Satanist media. He also played us part of a black metal song I don't remember saying that this is what most Satanist music actually sounds like. Anyway, I got hooked to Maiden straightaway and at the very first did believe they were Satanists, but I pretty soon understood that this wasn't the case and that they had so much more to offer than just the edge that appealed to me at first.

So why I'm telling this story again: That teacher, a Protestant priest for those who care, left the school that year and I recently found out that was because he murdered his wife.

Sometimes people just snap, I guess.


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I'm 53. I first saw Iron Maiden on MTV with Wrathchild. This would've been '81ish.

I got The Number Of The Beast first, and then got Iron Maiden, Killers, and Maiden Japan for Christmas '82.

The first album I ever bought was KISS Alive II, when I was in the 4th or 5th grade.

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Hi all - new guy 1st post here. I was born in 1971 so was in early teens when I started hearing some of the popular songs from Number of the Beast and Powerslave. However the first one I bought was Somewhere in Time. After 7th Son I mostly stopped listening to the band for a long time. When COVID started and I was working from home I needed music for exercise and decided I wanted to hear more of the early stuff so I got Piece of Mind which I loved - especially Die With Your Boots On and To Tame a Land. Next I got the 1st two albums and was loving Phantom / Transylvania / Murders / Killers.

Lately I've been exploring the more recent stuff. I wasn't crazy about Book of Souls however there were some songs that stood out for me: The Red and the Black / Shadows of the Valley / Great Unknown. I am LOVING Final Frontier and am surprised that doesn't seem more popular among IM fans. Especially the back half beginning with Isle of Avalon through When the Wild Wind Blows.

I guess I prefer the longer proggy / epic stuff which isn't surprising as my lifelong 2 favorite bands have been Rush and Yes. Just over the last several days I've been digesting A Matter of Life and Death and Dance of Death. Safe to say Dance of Death will be in very heavy rotation for a while.

After many decades of Somewhere in Time being my favorite by them, Senjutsu has claimed that title. I find this album brilliant. There is not one song I don't like. And for people like me who still listen to CDs, CD 2 is pretty much perfect. I would love to see them tour and play Senjutsu in its entirety.