GREATEST METAL ALBUM CUP - Nominations closed!

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Pica Serdica
I remember Nemesis Divina being my favourite from them, and my overall favourite album at some point.
Well no one's perfect you know :D
It's a very good album, probably technically better than the previous two. I just love the unique atmosphere each of the first two has.


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Actually, I do respect Chuck for his performance on Painkiller, but this is a good analogy.
Death's cover of Painkiller is pretty good but the guitar solo is a disappointment. That's not a surprise, considering that the original solo is a masterpiece equaled by few.


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Probably reaching saturation on this, but keeping it open for any additional lists until Friday night (basically anything that gets in before I total Saturday AM).

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If so, please nominate Badmotorfinger and Superunknown for me since I missed those!
I'm forming my list right now. Superunknown will definitely be on it, but idk if Badmotorfinger will make the cut. If I have an extra spot at the end though I'll add it on. I'm going to put some Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam on my list as well.

I mean, no, but if you nominate the albums they'll make the game, and we can see how they do. There's already some Pearl Jam and Nirvana in the game.
Cool beans.

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List sent. This was pretty tough. I had to be somewhat strategic with my choices, in order to be able to get some more lesser known albums in there. I completely omitted Maiden, Bruce, Priest, and Metallica, with the idea that they would already be well represented here. I also didn't include any more than 2 albums per band, in order to make sure there was enough variety.

I did end up including Badmotorfinger @MrKnickerbocker, becuase I wasn't sure if anyone else would have nominated it.

I took a gamble by not including Meliora, V: The New Mythology Suite, and Silicon Messiah, but I feel pretty confident that those albums will have been nominated by others. If they're not, I'll be pretty upset.

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Grunge doesn't exist, those bands that are labeled as "grunge" are either metal (Alice In Chains, Soundgarden - who are also listed on Metal Archives) or hard rock (Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots).
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