Bleeding Freak
They're not bad. RT sound a lot like Gojira and seem hit and miss. Black Peaks are not too bad at all, proggy style. I'll explore them more later


New Tool is coming!
Hopefully we get a new album soon. Magma was fucking awesome but I wish it was longer. Hopefully we can get something like that with the next album.

Black Wizard

Cereal Litigator
Some very preliminary news about the next Gojira album from Mario Duplantier (drums):


It's not news really. He just said that they are working on a new album and that they're proud of it (but then he wouldn't say he's ashamed either). I'm surprised they've had any time to work on new stuff since 'Magma' was released as they seem to have toured constantly. They did Download Festival in 2016, UK tour in 2017, Bloodstock Festival in 2018 and there will be another UK tour this year plus, bizarrely, an appearance at Glastonbury.