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Opeth referendum?

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Sounds like fun. Would it be a more simple Survivor (just vote) or one for discussion as well?
Hi everyone,

I've updated the name of this thread to represent the overall inclusion of any forum games people want to play. Please submit any ideas you might have for games, and we can absolutely talk them out. Once approved by a moderator, games will go to the Games Schedule thread for scheduling.

So we need a Maiden-related game to succeed the Referendum. Referendum has about 20 rounds left, but I like to plan ahead.

Here are the options you can vote for in the poll, and I will also add to the poll anything else you have an idea for:
1. Best Iron Maiden solos
2. Best Iron Maiden covers (covers recorded of Iron Maiden songs by other bands)
3. Best Iron Maiden B-sides
4. Best Iron Maiden song that was never played live

I'd be interested in hosting the 2nd game, and I can cut the solos for the 1st game the way I did for Foro's game, but someone else can host the other games.