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Which game do you want to succeed the Referendum?

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Lampwick 43

Barstool Warrior
I'd be down for Alter Bridge. I'm not super familiar with all their work, but I've liked just about everything that I have heard from them, and it'd be a nice excuse to finally discover them fully.

Black Wizard

Pleb Hunter
Let it go guys. We've been over this several times: the format is dead. It got killed off when our hosts started doing it for every band they could think of. You'll struggle to get six people to participate frequently enough to make them worthwhile when you need at least ten to make it interesting.


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
Fine I’ll host it if no one else wants to. I can make the time for it. It seems like there is a lot of interest for a Tool survivor. It will also be another quick one, like Ghost.

I will also do it the right way and lump songs together as they were intended to be played. Ex: Parabol/Parabola. Also definitely no interludes, it’s a waste of time to include them.


Pica Serdica
I quite like the musicianship, but I can't say it really ropes me in TBH. It's definitely not bad though!
If you, or anyone else reading this, ever decide to check them out, be warned:
1. Their third album, Mourning Has Broken, has very little to do with the rest of their material, or Sabbat, for that matter;
2. There's a Japanese band with the same name.

The Flash

Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
I can't even remember the last time I voted in a Survivor. How far the mighty Forum Games section has fallen.