Fortunes of War

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Re: Daily Song: Fortunes of War

6 out of 10... This is actually a pretty cool tune, but Bayley's vocal is the low point of this one for me. The song itself is stong... great guitars...


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Re: Daily Song: Fortunes of War

Black_Thunder said:
A fair tune in great, dark mood, but nothing special...

This for me, it goes along with the album but nothing standout for me :)


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Re: Daily Song: Fortunes of War

This song gets a perfect 10 of 10 for me... I haven't got anything to say that has already been said in this thread.


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Re: Daily Song: Fortunes of War

Henri Richard to the Maurice Richard that is Afraid to Shoot Strangers (Canadian Maidenfans and Onhell will get the reference). It shares most of the qualities that make its big brother so outstanding, but you really have to pay attention to notice. Study it enough and you’ll fall in love. Study it a little more and you’ll be forced to admit this sequel lacks that star quality that defined its predecessor. Like its protagonist, this song is slow to find its way. Another good, not great piece, and therefore a seven. PS: Love the heavy guitar sound when the martial beat kicks in at 2:00. Wish TXF used that more often.


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Re: Daily Song: Fortunes of War

Perun said:
Check out the link Foro posted. It's from the Brazil '96 bootleg, and the best recording I know. Simply amazing!
I have that boot somewhere, I'll have to dig it out.

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Re: Daily Song: Fortunes of War

A powerful song, with moving lyrics. 7/10

Albie said:
I have that boot somewhere, I'll have to dig it out.
I have the Warsaw gig from this tour, and Fortunes of War sounds very good live, as it does seem to gain added power from somewhere.

Babo 91

Re: Daily Song: Fortunes of War

nickos drumming is fucking incredible on this track. fastest footwork ever. great track



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Re: Daily Song: Fortunes of War

23 votes, and only 1 nine (me, and I was the first who voted, after LC!) :)

That's pretty awkward when there are more tens and eights. Looks like I have a bloody unique taste (kidding  :D ).
Re: Daily Song: Fortunes of War

Steve's incredible bass playing is on display during this melancholic number. He is in top form throughout TXF both in song writing and performance. His production was a little too clean. All the boys deliver on this number.

8 - just to be different to Forostar.

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Re: Daily Song: Fortunes of War

Strong 8. Good lyrics, melancholic intro, heavy verse riffs, but i'm not too fond of the gallop part.

Travis The Dragon

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A bit of a weaker song for me and Blaze's vocal performance isn't the greatest, but I still enjoy listening to it. 7/10


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One of my least favorites. The over repetitiveness of that transition from the slow section to the less-slow section is way too much. 6/10


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After three awesome songs, Fortunes of War is a big disappointment. Very repetitive with a good bass and solos. 7/10

The Flash

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Wow there's a lot antipathy for this song. I like this song very much. Amazing dark intro. I like the sounds of the bass throughout the song. Great lead guitar melodies, great atmosphere. And a fantastic solo. Blaze's performance isn't the best of him but overall, great song. 9/10.

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I like this song, but it has its flaws. Some parts are overrepeated, and its beginning is a little boring. Fast part makes up for it. If Iron Maiden ever decides to play a medley, I want them to do the 04:39 - 06:13 part. Also, that part reminds of The Talisman. 7/10.