Fortunes of War

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Fortunes of War is one of Maiden's better live performances IMHO - the entire song is constructed for and fits Blaze's voice perfectly.
The lyrics are the thoughts of a soldier, which
reflect his mental state after the end of the war.
Outline the set of clinical manifestations that defines the
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a characteristic mental illness
occurring in individuals who have experienced a severe traumatic experience. The
a person suffering from MTD has behavioral disorders, cognitive,
emotional, mental and spiritual disorders. His interpersonal
relationships become very problematic, in fact the person is "mutilated"
socially and often the end result is suicide. Characteristics,
more British soldiers committed suicide after the Falklands War
despite being killed in battle, while more conservative estimates state that
20,000 American Vietnam veterans have taken their own lives