Fortunes of War

How good is Fortunes of War on a scale of 1-10?

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Yes, but let's not turn things in the wrong order:

It's not like:
A: I don't like The Talisman thus B: It has quite some aspects I dislike and its unoriginality is one of them.

A. The Talisman has quite some aspects I dislike and its unoriginality is one of them, thus B: I don't like The Talisman.

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I see your point. I should've said: The Talisman has parts that are similar to the fast part of Fortunes Of War. :cheers:


A sombre tune, excellent lyrics/vocals, the lyrics really convey the idea of mental trauma, and the thoughts and feelings of isolation that one could experience as a result of witnessing the horrors of war first hand. 10/10.


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The intro and dynamic riff with the constant lead guitar are absolutely incredible, but once Blaze starts singing again, the song is ruined. If this song had a Dickinson octave jump for verses 3 & 4, and the chorus? It'd be an 8 or 9, and would have had a nice slot on AMOLAD.

Also: Janick's solo is quite tasteful and tasty.

Absolutely fantastic and Blaze suits this song especially well. I really love that awesome Sabbathy riff that recurs during the verse and according to my interpretation represent the flashbacks and pain of PTSD. The production definitely weighs it down though in the fast instrumental section where Steve starts galloping but you can barely hear the bass and it loses its power. Leads are fantastic though and the emotional atmosphere is great.
Here's a really kickass live version of Fortunes of War. The heaviness of the live guitars mentioned earlier in the thread is even more audible hear and with that riff Davey just brings the house down!
If only Blaze didn't forget his lines in the intro..... -____-



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Nowadays, it tends to be my favorite song from an album I globaly rank very high. The soft part of the song is possibly the best Maiden has ever written, with WWWB's. And the heavy part is awesome. I'm not really bothered by the production, and Blaze' vocals perfectly suit the song and its mood. This is one the songs I had never really imagined Bruce singing. And that special bass sound, in the transitionnal bits beetween the soft and heavy parts is great. So, a solid 10.


Here I sit in a serenade of glory!
Intro:ATSS intro reuse
rythm guitars/riffs : almost absent
Blaze: Apart from the intro he is quite boring
Pre/after solo melodies: wasting love melodies reuse
solos: quite good
drums: simple and drum machine like.Really hate them.


The first intro is quite boring but it have a lot of emotion. The bass and the nice guitar line that follows are cool but to repetitive.The melodies are good but the key seems to low for Blaze, and I think it should have worked much better two or three semitones higher. The solos are nice but they don't stick out for me.
As a whole the song had lot of potential but it doesn't work as whole for me.



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One of my favourite tracks on the album. A wonderful opening, some great guitarwork, a great atmosphere, and a powerful fast section. Blaze's vocals are far from the best, but overall a...


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Now we get to the real meat of the album. I think the intro really overstays its welcome with nothing all that interesting going on, but it's all uphill once it gets going with that awesome bass melody. Love how they switch back and forth between soft and heavy, while adding new things each time. You get new layers to the heavy parts and more tension in the soft parts. It's a very unique arrangement and one of the highlights of the album. The next verse is better, although Blaze's performance is inconsistent. At times he sounds awkward, but at other times he has a really tense and shaky tone to his voice that goes perfectly with the lyrics. The chorus is solid as is the instrumental that follows. The gallop is back! With a bit of a twist too.

I don't really like the chorus during the gallop, but the "woah oh oh" part works great there. They recycle the half time chorus from SOTC but it's just as effective here.

Overall, a rough start but very enjoyable after the intro.



The intro is brilliant and I love the bass riff and heavy guitar build up to the verse.

But then that chorus. Absolutely awful from Blaze and horribly repetitive. This could have been great if it had a killer chorus.



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Long intro, but cool in the middle. Blaze doesn't sound so hot here, but I always find myself singing the chorus with him. It works. 6/10.