For the Greater Good of God

How good is For the Greater Good of God on a scale of 1-10?

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Mr. Blue Sky

Strong song. The repetition works because it goes in tandem with the song and its subject matter. It's only fair for Steve to beat this criticism of religion into our heads the same way religion beats its statements into us. That ending suggests the criticism fell on deaf ears, which is a suitably realistic outcome.


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This is the rare song where everything just works. Perfectly structured, none of the parts overstay their welcome, enough variations between different parts to keep things interesting, a very exciting instrumental section, and a stunning lyric. The please tell me what life is lyric is poignant. The actual chorus of the song perfectly captures Harris’ bewilderment of the topic. Also, the repetition in these parts while appropriate to the song is also just very enjoyable due to the great riffs underneath. Steve brought the goods with this song and you get some of his best lyrics and best melodies in the bands catalog. Also three guitar attack! 10


Stranger to the Light
The verses are unusually intense and the pre-chorus is epic. The elephant in the room is the repetition, which I have to say I don't care too much about here because it's so damn good. The instrumental section is pretty awesome. This song is like The Longest Day to me but bigger and better. 9