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For the Greater Good of God

Discussion in 'A Matter Of Life And Death' started by Anonymous, Aug 30, 2006.


How good is For the Greater Good of God on a scale of 1-10?

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  1. Poto

    Poto Ancient Mariner

    Steve's big epic. The intro is wonderful, and I love Bruce's singing. You can feel he is into it. The verses are heavy and hard-hitting, and I like what Adrian(?) does in the background. The pre-chorus is only decent though, but I love the chorus. Repetitive? Nah, unlike No More Lies this chorus gains momentum when it's repeated.

    The instrumental part is quite interesting. All of the guitarists get their moment, but only Adrian and Janick deliver. Dave's solo pales in comparison. Still a really good song. Could see it return to the setlist, altough it might be too hard on Bruce. He struggled with this one back in 06/07. In particular the Download performance was really poor.

    Anyways.. 8/10.
  2. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands


    For the Greater Good of God is a masterpiece - a Steve Harris epic in every sense of the word. It's gloomy, heavy, melodic, and spine-tinglingly good. ‘Arry questions organized religion and the effect it has on inciting war. Bruce’s quiet, somber intro becomes a vital roar as the whole band joins in. When the chorus eventually occurs it is repeated over and over again, empowering the song rather than making the message redundant. The bridge cuts in like a battle axe with an inspired riff and a time signature change. It has the only three guitar solo battle on the album and they couldn't have saved it for a better song. Each guitarist gets to solo over a different riff to match their playing style. Murray's frantic ending solo makes almost zero sense, but somehow works perfectly in the context of the song.
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  3. Diesel 11

    Diesel 11 Gott Mit Uns

    Another strong song, my only gripe with it is that the way the verses are played (the backing music, that is) in the build-up works, but the constant going back to them afterwords not so much. Of course, once they leave them behind it continues to be a great song. A low 9/10, but a 9/10 nonetheless.

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