Flash of the Blade

How good is Flash of the Blade on a scale of 1-10?

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ill go to 7/10, a bit of a generic song... the way its delivered is great but nothing stands out so ill put it on my standard maiden mark 7/10



I don't think of this one as filler at all. Simple but effective intro riff, chugging verses and a melodic chorus. They all work for me, and that intricate instrumental section is tremendous.


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Flash of the Blade really is one of the precursors to Power metal. Great cover by Rhapsody.

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Rhapsody have lots of riffs that are similar to the opening of Flash Of The Blade.

A7X version is OK, but brings nothing new, and the vocals are weak.


A personal favorite of mine (Possibly because I'm a fencer though), with fantastic guitar work and lyrics by Bruce. I considered giving it a 9, but reluctantly concluded that overall, the song is not the equal of Aces High or Two Minutes To Midnight, which I gave nines, so a strong eight it is. 8/10.

EDIT: I'm officially an idiot for not giving this more listens before voting. 9/10 worthy without a doubt.


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Oh, the bass is fantastic, so is some of the guitar work, but I'm a stickler for vocals. If I don't like the melody or the lyrics, I just can't like a song. Unfortunately, Bruce tanks this one.
It's solid. Not the best thing I've ever listened to but it's definitely not a filler. The riff does get annoying eventually though.


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This song was a single?!?!




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I've never heard of that, and I would be very cautious about it. Smells like a fake to me.