Face in the Sand

How good is Face in the Sand on a scale of 1-10?

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Re: Daily Song: Face in the Sand

Forostar said:
Again a very captivating intro. The problem of this song I find the last couple of minutes in which certain parts are repeated too often. The total result I find too monotonous, really.

The intro and the solo save it a bit.

This, a great intro and solo but I don't like the rest of it. Better then Gates of Tomorrow and worse then New Frontier
Re: Daily Song: Face in the Sand

The brooding intro as it builds up, is brilliant, but the rest of the song doesn't live up to that. 5/10
Re: Daily Song: Face in the Sand

The intro is absolutely brilliant, and while the rest of the song isn't as great, it's still pretty good. I really like the verse riff (Bruce doesn't sing the greatest though), the chorus is great though and the instrumental section isn't one of their best, but it works well enough. 8/10.
Take out the keyboards and this is a solid 9. Would probably make a pretty good live song, very emotional. I like that Maiden tried something a little different on this one (double bass, Bruce's vocals, etc). My favorite part is the "I wait for the signs..." Good lyrics, good spirit, -1 for the keyboards. 7
7/10... A pretty good tune, but nothing too exciting here for me. My buddy rates this one as one of his all time favorites, which I've never understood, but to each their own...
7- Best part of this song for me is the intro.  Bruce sounds really strained all over the place on the verses and it just seems a bit of a haphazard song overall.  Good, not great.

Stupid filler track IMO. The double bass pedal barely makes any difference either, so I don't know why Nicko even really bothered to make an exception just for this song.
Every time I listen to this song I am surprised how good it is. I guess everything after Paschendale feels like a letdown no matter how good the song is.

This song have a long build up intro. It starts of sounding kind of friendly but becomes darker. It takes a long time to grow but that doesn't bother me, I think it fits the song. The song have a special groove to it I like, and maybe that is the added double drums. Bruce sound quite hysteric on the song but that also fits the song. The chorus is really good in my opinion. And there is a subtile eerie atmosphere through out the song I really like.

An overlooked song, at least for me. I really enjoy it.

Is no one else taken aback by the "Is it worth the risk, a war of God and man?" line. That's what stood out for me. What is this? A song about the apocolypse?

Watching and waiting for signs of the end times. Was someone reading the book of Revelation when they wrote this:

"These are demonic spirits that do signs. They go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for battle on the great day of God the Almighty."

Are the people with their faces in the sand the ones who are taking the risk by ignoring the signs?

I like this song, but feel a tiny bit guilty for enjoying it because it seems very dark, a song of dark thunderous clouds rolling in and people running for fear of the impending celestial war. It feels like that kind of feeling you get when you look over a cliff edge, and therefore I think the song is very well executed.
Is no one else taken aback by the "Is it worth the risk, a war of God and man?" line.

I fear you have mixed up this song with New Frontier.

This song could have been great if stupid Kevin Shirley had got Bruce do do some more vocal takes on a different day. Instead he sings it like he's being strangled.
Another memorable and powerful sounding DOD track, and another one where it sounds like Bruce's voice is being overwhelmed the music. The speaker is being overwhelmed and drowned out in the chaos....or are the voices of the present being drowned out by the passage of time? Present-day hysteria is in the firing line in this one.