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Excuse the idiotic color scheme.
The pie chart shows Tor, the internet anonymity network and its 2.5GBps capacity split over countries.
90% of usage is currently in Russia.

Isolation of a developed wide area network from the Internet is almost impossible. Even if fully physical separation occurs, there will always be someone that can establish an interlink, Russia has tens of thousands of KM of borders, one cable or one wireless link is enough to bring routable Internet packets back on Russian soil.

It is impossible for Russia to turn to North Korea in the context of flow of outside information to the country.


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Strange that Macron will be re-elected after years of gilets jaunes protests. Hollande was not re-elected but he will be. Yet better him than Sarkozy.
In some countries in Europe, media are hostile to the "true" left. The most they can afford is some kind of washed up socialist -democrat approach. I haven't followed up with France lately but my impression is that Macron has been protected by mainstream media way much more than Hollande (who was rather exposed).

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Macron made a real effort in the Russia/Ukraine situation, and he has the personality and authority to represent his own country, as well as the EU imo. If I look at the world, I wish we had more leaders like him.


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Agreed, he did and still doing a good job with Putin and AUKUS before that. Seen from outside he has a positive outlook. He's constantly trying to differentiate France (and EU by extend) from US imposed actions & policies.


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As Le Pen seems to poll consistently well in France by Russia’s logic they should be the next in line for invasion.


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