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Well maybe not the guy in Boston who wore the Barack Hussein Obama shirt, that guy scared me a little, but you know we made friends with him anyway, even if I Perunwas not necessarily a fan of making a friend of what was probably a gun-toting American.
Ironically, I made friends with those guys and even got two beers from them.


"Get a life, punk!"
Girls, man, they get in your head and they're all you can think about and you feel like crap and all the while it's probably not worth it at all.


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Dear stomach, liver and both kidneys...

I'm sorry for what will happen today. You will work overtime. But I promise I will treat you better from 1st of January on.

Yours truly.


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Had the rest of the Jager from the freezer, then hopped outside for some beer-into-the-pitcher, which I am working on now. Also had a small one at the place, since I was there. Listening to Dance of Death now (both album and coincidentally ont he song), GF is asleep, so I have "my time" now. Wishing all of you and all happy rest of the holidays and keep up the "being decent people" thing, it is important in todays world.