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I don't like this hologram shit. If I want to see Dio, I'll watch a DVD or a clip on youtube.
This is why it's a cash grab. Want to introduce new fans to the live Dio experience? Show them a live DVD. The hologram isn't going to be any better than that.


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Cool fan explanation about the confusing last verse of the song Invisible:

"Well, I grew up quick and I felt the kick of life upon a stage
So I bought the book and took a fast look
at just the very last page
It was a single word that I'd just heard
from the two that came before
The only way to really stay
is to walk right out the door"

The last verse is about Dio's position in show biz. "Bought the book...etc" means he learned about the music biz and how to survive and prosper. "The 2 that came before..." are Rainbow and Black Sabbath. The only way for Ronnie to stay in the biz is to walk right out the door and start his own band.


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Eh, alright:

Midnight Chaser -> 1980
Srand Up and Shout -> 1983
2 Minutes to Midnight -> 1984

I think 2 Minutes sounds way more like Chaser than Stand Up and Shout.
I think Flash Rocking Man by Accept has an intro that sounds more like 2MTM than Stand up and Shout

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Rob Halford=Metal God/Bruce Dickinson=God Of Metal
From: http://sixxsense.iheart.com/articles/national-rock-news-classic-rock-104703/dio-hologram-tour-in-the-works-15424958/
A hologram of the late, great Ronnie James Dio was debuted and performed at Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany this past summer with Dio's Disciples, a tribute band composed of the singer's former bandmates. In a recent interview, CEO of Eyellusion Jeff Pezzuti said that a 2017 tour is in the works that will cover different eras of the late singer's career.

In the interview with Talking Metal, Pezzuti said: “For the tour he’s going to have different looks. [At Wacken] he was somewhere around ’88, the Dream Evil era. For this next tour we’re going to be somewhere later than that for certain songs and maybe earlier than that for other songs.

“The tour will be an over-the-top mind blowing experience. We are going to have both live singers with Ripper Owen and Oni Logan as part of the show as well as Ronnie appearing throughout the show at different parts, some duets. It’s going to be mind blowing from the fans’ perspective. We are going to bring album covers to life. We are going to bring things that are known to Ronnie to life onstage.

“Ronnie will be involved in each show from probably six to seven song a night that he will be singing on. Some of the ones we can expect are “We Rock,” “Holy Diver” and “Rainbow in the Dark.”

Tour dates have not yet been announced.
This might be worth checking out if the price is right.


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Seeds of Change, a 1980 prog rock album by guitarist Kerry Livgren (one of the founding members and primary songwriters for Kansas.) features two tracks with Dio (@mckindog ).

"Mask of the Great Deceiver" (track 2);

Drums - Barriemore Barlow (ex-Jethro Tull)
Bass - Paul Goddard
vocals - Ronnie James Dio
Guitars, synthesizers - Kerry Livgren

"To Live For the King" (track 5);

Drums - John Thompson
Bass - Gary Gilbert
Lead vocals - Ronnie James Dio
Background vocals - Joey Jelf, Steve Walsh, Donna Williams
Guitars - Kerry Livgren
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No after I think. The wiki page could be wrong (it has a question mark), but it mentions a later recording date than the Heaven and Hell sessions.