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They're, like, a septet or so since 2012, I believe, but if you wanted to keep it a mere boyband, they'd surely fit into a barbershop quartet.

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Today we celebrate seven years of Ronnie James Dio's life.

On this day in 2010, we lost a legend. The man with the golden voice of the demon dance, the man who created the hand symbol that will endlessly endure in heavy metal. Let us all crank Holy Diver or Stargazer or Neon Knights and rock out in remembrance!
Well he didn't create the hand symbol, nor was he the first to use it in music, but I share your sentiments. ;)

Let's raise a glass to Ronnie James Dio :cheers:

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Lies! Lies spread by Sharon Osbourne!
LOL ;)

But see here (from wiki)

Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls is the debut studio album by the American psychedelic rock band Coven. Released in 1969, it was unusual in that it dealt with overtly occult and satanic themes, and was removed, in the past time, from the market soon after its release due to controversy. However, it remains a classic of its genre, and in some ways set groundbreaking trends for later rock bands. This album marked the first appearance in music of the sign of the horns, inverted crosses, and the phrase Hail Satan. Today, these are characteristics of the occult and heavy metal genres. According to rock journalist Lester Bangs, "in England lie unskilled laborers like Black Sabbath, which was hyped as a rockin' ritual celebration of the Satanic mass, something like England's answer to Coven".[2] As a further coincidence, Coven's bass guitarist and co-writer (Mike Osborne) is credited as "Oz Osborne", and the opening track is "Black Sabbath".


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Ah, I listen to that one every year on Dio Day. Such a cool thing to hear how many different genres and styles Dio tackled in his career


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I guess this is what the future is going to be like. We'll look at digital recreations of dead actors in the movies, and holograms of dead singers on stage.


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Who would want to see this? Will be curious to see the numbers at the end of the tour.


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Judging by various comment threads around the net, there are people who want to see this. How many they are, I don't know. The majority of comments are negative, but as it's the internet, that isn't saying anything. We'll have to wait until the tour is over and the numbers are out.

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I'd go and see this just for novelty of it all. Even without the hologram the dio disciples are decent enough musicians from the old Dio band with some good vocalists playing Dio songs, what's not to like. From what I've read the hologram will only be for a handful of songs and other vocalists will handle the rest.


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I honestly don't know if I'd go and see this or not. I mean, probably not. But Queen projects Freddie Mercury on a screen for part of Bohemian Rhapsody these days.