Did any of the songs from The Book Of Souls enter your top 10 maiden songs list?

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
That's pretty good if nine songs off of every album stand the test of time. Not sure how that works out with Virtual XI, though...
I disagree with good Gk1 - every Maiden song ever stands the test of time. :D

Except More Tea Vicar. :ninja: Fuck that shit! :mad:


Ancient Marinade
Book of Souls is tied for my favorite album along with 7th son, and the title track is probably my second all time fave Maiden song behind Starblind.


Educated Fool
Well, since I wasn't a member of this site when the album was released, I've got the unfair advantage of 3 years of listening time to form an opinion.

The Red And The Black, The Great Unknown, and If Eternity Should Fail are all in my top ten, and are included in any Maiden playlist I make.

Death Or Glory and When The River Runs Deep are on the fringe of that list.

Additionally, TBOS is firmly entrenched in my top 5 Maiden albums, the first new entry in probably 20 years.


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Niet. Bottom ten? Yes. Tratb and eternity are bottom ten. Speed of light and the great unknown are highest in the 35/40 range..