book of souls

  1. A

    Buy Iron Maiden Book of Souls Tour Hoody

    Please help! Someone has stolen my iron maiden book of souls 2016 tour hoody with the Mayan style calander on the back with Eddie's head in the middle. I am absolutely gutted, I bought this hoody at download for the first time I've ever gotten to see Maiden live! Does anyone know of anyone...
  2. I

    Suche Mitfahrgelegenheit von Nürnberg nach Berlin am 31.05 inkl rückfahrt

    Servus zusammen, der Titel ist hoffentlich selbstsprechend. Up the irons!
  3. dogigniter

    Shanghai - Book of Souls tour

    Hi guys (and girls), It's been a long time, but I thought I'd pop back here to see if anyone is going to Shanghai to see Maiden next month? I'd love to meet up with someone along the way I live in China now, and I'm so happy they're coming here. I've got my ticket, flights, hotel, etc...
  4. Somebody new

    Will there be any kind of "Making of Book of Souls"?

    Well, will there? As far as I know, there were no mentions about it. I guess it's because of the situation when the album was made (Bruce sickness). Or it could be they completely dissed the idea from the begining - I remember Janick's interview this summer where he said they wouldn't bow to...
  5. L

    Brisbane 2016 Ticket Trade

    Hey everyone, I have tickets for me and a couple mates but are in different areas. I am looking to trade 2 SGA5 tickets for 2 SGA4 tickets. I am willing to throw in some cash as the tickets the area is futher back. Cheers :) - Liam.
  6. ollyhills


    Hi all! Now I don't want to be unseemly or uncouth here or anything but I was just wondering if any fanclub members might have any pre sale codes they weren't going to use? I'm going to be grabbing a couple tickets for Vegas show and if I can bypass the rush then any help would be greatly...
  7. matic22

    Gear used and instrument sound on TBOS

    For all instrument geeks... Here is a thread in which we can discuse the gear and sound of instruments on TBOS. So far I learned that: Dave Murray and Adrian Smith went away from using Marshalls. Dave switched to Victory V100's and H switched to some kind of Blackstar amps (probably HT 100's...
  8. matic22

    Did any of the songs from The Book Of Souls enter your top 10 maiden songs list?

    I just saw this thread in TFF forum so I thought why not replicate it 5 years later. Anyway EOTC did enter my top ten... It's #3, behind Hallowed and SSOAS and has just overtaken Rime.