Crappy album covers


Automaton Sovietico
Yeah I perfectly know what you mean. It was particularly painful over here, since we were better off than Warsaw Pact countries. The media / art of the 80s looked just like everywhere in the 'Free World', the 90s sucked.


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms

Because I was inspired to listen to this because of the concert today, this is Duran Duran's newest album, and the cover is shit. The album is called Paper Gods, there are several better things that could have been done here!


General of the Dark Army
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Trying to make it look like especially cheap, trashy 80s? Actually, it reminds me of the exercise books we used to have at school. We had to cover them in some form of wrapping paper to stop them getting dogeared, then we'd stick like any sticker we could get our hands on on top of them, usually something that came free in Smash Hits or Just 17. There were some very random book covers out there.


Living for Sanctuary from the law
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The stole it from the original version of the Angel and Gambler single.
The one the got Riggs fired again.


Ever the Southern Gentleman
Don't know what offends me more, the inane execution that makes it look like Dance of Death's bastard half-brother or the supposed "political commentary" idea behind it. Also, the title makes me play Metallica in my head, but I guess that was expected.