Covers that are better than the originals... or just covers


Educated Fool
Van halen - You really got me
Anthrax - got the time
John Mayer - XO, I’m on fire
GNR - The seeker, Attitude
Edguy - Amadeus
Gamma ray - It’s a sin
Metallica - Tuesday’s gone
Pagan’s mind - Hello spaceboy

Black Abyss Babe

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Okay I realise that Macca was dealing with substantial levels of distraction while recording these vocals (including George Harrison running around with a burning ashtray on his head pretending to be Arthur Brown) but even so he seems to have forgotten absolutely everything he ever knew about singing here, including working out when to breathe! Ian Gillan, on the other hand, completely nails it:
(btw guitar is excellent in both versions :D)


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I'm impressed. Yes can't be the easiest or the most obvious band to cover, nor would Roundabout be the most obvious song to choose for a metal cover, except that it's well known or recognisable enough for the listener to work out what they're doing. They succesfully bring something new and unique to it, which is the best part of covers as far as I'm concerned, but keep the feel of some of the original vocals in places, which works well.

Niall Kielt

Pulled Her At The Bottle Top
Aye, definitely worthwhile. The increased heaviness and speed is good without losing the beauty of the original riffs. I'll not say that its better than the original but I reckon I'll listen to this again. Certainly not as trippy but definitely worth listening to in its own right.

Night Prowler

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They also covered two Rush songs:

I am interested to check their original stuff now. As far as I know, they don't use clean vocals generally, which makes these covers very interesting.

Niall Kielt

Pulled Her At The Bottle Top
I just checked a couple of their original tunes, not really my thing but at this minute I am on a NWOBHM binge so maybe now isn't the right time. However, this video could be considered humorous...


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And another one:

Initially I hated this one - how dare they do this to The Smiths! Then I just got earwormed by it and now I prefer it to the original by miles.

Black Bart

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Yes, I got that much from the description. But I don't remember it - absolutely nothing about it looks familiar. And I thought I'd seen them all ...
I have often seen this episode cited among the worst in the whole series (though I tend to think, while "tops" are meaningful, "bottoms" aren't ;) )