Caught Somewhere In Time

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Ancient Mariner
Nice buildup, nice gallop. H's solo is one of his best on this track. What I personally think is underappreciated un this track is the rythm playing (bass and guitars) before and under the solos.

Great track

Number 6

Ancient Mariner
This one gets an 8. Nice opener, great way to introduce the album's thematic backdrop (time and futuristic sci-fi), but it goes on for a little longer than necessary. If it were a little bit shorter, it would've gotten a 9.


Incredible opener, for another amazing album. Great intro and gallop, I also really love the bass, especially during the solos. It could have possibly been slightly shorter though. 9/10, and only because I’m really trying to be stingy with the 10s
This record was the only one that for some reason didn't find it's way into our home when I was growing up and I never really cared for it when I bought and rebought the records on the late nineties. Especially i didnt like the sound of it. It wasn't until I got it on vinyl a couple of years ago that it clicked with me. Now I like it a lot but find it quite uneven and not very coherent.

This is a great opener and definitely one of the top songs on the record for me.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
The beginning is great, the song is good and sets up the rest of the album, but honestly it's the weakest link on such a stellar album. Not that I'm complaining, but literally every other track is better. 9/10.


Love in anger
A harmonized lead echoes out over a bed of warm synths. The band joins in with a mid-paced gallop and the guitars soar higher before breaking into an uptempo gallop with a decent harmonized lead.

This leads into a pretty good verse and an OK but kind of awkward pre-chorus. Another round of verse, pre-chorus, and verse, and a brief melodic break carries us into a strong, soaring chorus.

A percussive break leads into a pretty good extended solo section punctuated by occasional rhythmic breaks, followed by a great final solo that leads back into the earlier harmonized lead.

Another round of verse, pre-chorus, verse, and melodic break, and we return to the chorus. Then a reprise of the rhythm under the final solo carries us into a big rock ending.

Iron Maiden debuts their new reverb-laden, synth-backed sound here, and it's mostly successful. This opener is a solid start with a lot of strong moments, but it only reaches greatness during that final solo. A robust 7/10 overall.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
A cool opening riff kicks Maiden's sixth album off with a bit of a new sound before speeding into a faster piece that leads to the verse. Bruce is often chided for his vocals here, but I wouldn't say that they're all that bad as a whole, though not quite as good as previously. The chorus is a bit repetitive but works, but the instrumental section is where this song truly hits its stride, and is one of the band's best. It's a pretty strong song, but in a sea of strong songs, this one doesn't stand out quite as much as it probably should. 7


Out of the Silent Planet
One of the best intros that Maiden have ever penned starts this amazing song. The guitar harmonies are flawless through the whole song. Fantastic drumming from Nicko, great verses and the chorus is good too. Both solos are amazing, but Adrian's one is brutally good (one of his best solos). The twin-lead guitar harmony is pure greatness. Great end to the song. Futuristic classic that comes form the past but will live beyond the future. I wish Maiden will play it live again (sadly, it was played only on the album tour..)/ 10/10.