Caught Somewhere In Time

How good is Caught Somewhere in Time on a scale of 1-10?

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This song just seems to have everything I love about maiden in it. Ambiguous Lyrics. Ripping, Dueling Guitars, Screaming Vocals. This song just pumps me up


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Probably the best solos of the 1980's (or one of the bests, at least). If i can agree with some of you with the ideia that the chorus is boring, it doesn't destroy the song.  Superb album start. 9\10
This is a 10 for me, fantastic riff and absolutely wonderful solo section. I love how the solo winds-down seemlessly straight back into the main riff. I think the chorus is great, I might be in the minority but I think it adds to the song.

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Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
Great opening, I can feel the "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" sound in this song. And has an outstanding solo. 9/10


Cannon Fodder
8 out of 10... One of the album's strong cuts...I originally wasn't overly taken with this tune, but it grew on me after awhile... I personally like the synth work, although not all fans at that time were in agreement...


Ancient Mariner
10! When I was presented with SIT, back in September 1987, I didn't know what to expect - as I learned about it, through time, about most bands - when the stylus landed on the vinyl, I felt something coming from the future to that then present day. The departure of the sound from the previous album (Maiden always changed, anyway) was really huge, the melodies were even more present yet and the solo section just made my mind melt - Murray and Smith were at the pinnacle of their interaction! From 1987 up to this very day I remember exactly every note they played in this song, and thus, this album. Another spetacular journey had begun.


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One of my favorite openers. The guitar solos are great and the singing is good. The only problem is the repetitiveness but that doesn't keep me from giving it a 10/10


Ancient Mariner
10! I seem to like Maiden openers a lot. Prowler, Ides of March, well okay, I don't like Invaders much. But this is just awesome opener. Underrated, forgotten song.


Ancient Mariner
9/10, and definitely one of my faves off the album and a top 20 overall. Fantastic song with inspiring vocals and guitar licks.

The Flash

Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
Damn it i gave this song a 9 in November. It has grown so much on me, now it's an easy 10. It wasn't in my Top 30 in November, now it's 12th.


What a song ! Fantastic opener to a fantastic album, one of the best Bruce performances, great solos from Dave & Adrian, great melodies. One of the best of Maiden. 10/10.


I'm a 9 as well - this and Wasted Years are the best songs off SIT IMHO. Good rocker. Sets the tone of the album, which is quite distinct in the Maiden annals.