Can this still be real or just some crazy dream?


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I saw some of the most interesting and vivid dreams in a long time, especially the second one.

It was nighttime and I was in someone’s garden, peeping through their windows like a stalker. There was a red-haired woman in the house, walking from room to room, and I was watching her, careful not to get caught. Suddenly, she came out of the house and I had to be dead quiet. I knew if she turned the corner, she would see me. The suspense was killing me and woke me up. It’s usually something monstrous that wakes you up mid-dream but this time I was the monster.

The second dream took me to a fantastical place. We were a crew of about six people, three men and three women. We had a boat that worked as some sort of hovercraft and we used it to follow two extremely gigantic ships. The sea air was thick with fog so we couldn’t even see the ships in full. The larger of the two was a garbage vessel, carrying god knows how many thousands of tons of garbage to god knows where. We landed on it and looked around. Two of the girls went their separate way and we four stayed together. The third girl walked into a blue container and one of the guys wanted to close its door as a joke. I told him to stop because it might close for good and she’ll be locked in there. Soon after, the one who had tried to close the container started talking all crazy, something inside him snapped. He grabbed a plastic canister and poured himself over with gasoline and tried to throw it on others. I yelled for them to get back on the boat because there was a large cylindrical gas canister nearby and if fire broke out, we’d all be blasted to the seven hells. We ran to our boat while the gasoline-drenched lunatic stayed behind. We still had the other two girls to find before we could leave. Before we could do anything, a car slowly passed in front of us, also a hovercraft, with one of the girls inside it in a peculiar position. We followed the car, it dived underwater for a moment and when it came back up, we realised the girl inside was dead. “MAYA” had been carved into her forehead in bloody letters. Maya was the name of the third girl in our crew, the last one missing. Was she the murderer? Why did everything go so wrong on that gargantuan garbage ship shrouded in dense fog? The dream ended at that point.


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I had a crazy freaking dream.
At first, I was in my neighborhood 25-30 years in the past. Everything was slightly hazy, like watching grainy film. There were people in old-fashioned clothes. I went to the train station and nearly got run over by a train. There were weird moving mechanisms that activated when the trains arrived and somehow I was caught between them, afraid that I could get crushed to death by the machinery. Next, I crossed a small town square to get somewhere but stopped there to inspect a hobo who was sitting on the ground. I looked at him pretty close up, his swollen face and dirty eyes. He was about 40 and was holding a weed pipe, one that had accumulated layer upon layer of tar. I walked away and soon after, this part reoccurred. Same square, same hobo but more malicious. By the third time, I had become afraid of the hobo. I was with my brother and as we were walking away from the man, he stood up and started chasing us in pure horror movie “figure-behind-you” fashion. My brother ran away and the hobo cornered me. Pause and reset. I was in a light blue hallway. I took a look around and noticed a door at one end. It had broken glass and I could see the same town square through it and, dreadfully, the hobo. I begged not to be noticed by him and hid in a crevice in the hallway wall. There was another door there, one that I recognized. I had been in that hallway before. I went through the door and down a tall staircase, fast in case the hobo was following me. I reached the ground floor and walked outside. My neighborhood again, but greener, nowadays. At this point I realised I was lucid dreaming and was in full control of my actions. I remember thinking: “If lucid dreaming is the reward for going through the horror before, I’ll take it.” I went through familiar places in the city and did whatever I wanted, feeling fully liberated. But I knew that the line between the wakeful dreaming state and total consciousness was thin, and when my alarm rang, that line was broken.

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I had a really bizarre dream, bordering on a nightmare, last night. And more bizarrely, the point of it seemed to be to warn me against something I've never done, and never had any intention of doing ...

I was in Morton, the village where I grew up, and was on my way to rejoin the boyfriend's family (who live in Grimsby). Only I seemed to have been transported back to the 18th century or something, because for some reason I was riding a horse. It was dark but the weather was fine, only there suddenly appeared in front of me a dark fog that was lit up inside as a dark cloud is lit up by lightning. When we entered the fog I was aware that I was frightened and I knew that "Death" in some form was waiting for me in the fog and I was going to die in there, unless I could find some way to escape. And predictably, I couldn't because I was somehow paralysed. But fortunately the horse was also frightened, and not bound by the same apparent restrictions as me - it turned around and got us out of that fog quicker than the proverbial bat out of hell. The dream ended with a yellow page containing about six lines of sanctimonious and highly moralising dogerel, which I can't remember (which is probably just as well) but the essence of it was: "this is what will happen if you get into your car whilst drunk".
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In a dream last night I heard Immanuel Kant's name pronounced in some English accent and woke up laughing.

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In a dream last night I heard Immanuel Kant's name pronounced in some English accent and woke up laughing.
You probably know that in Ludwig van Beethoven’s name, the German (and probably Dutch) pronunciation of van is “fun”. Nomen est omen... That’s why he named his most famous work “Ode to Joy”.


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I'm not going into details unless asked because it's a lot for me to parse, but I had a dream that, after summoning a goddess requesting help, I learned that I myself was a god at some point and would ascend again. I had super cool powers like "can light a pipe telepathically with no fire source" and "I have blue eyeballs". True story.


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Had a couple of odd dreams recently. In the first one I was in my bed and because my GF stayed at her mom's due to a late night at school I had the dogs sleeping with me. I'm trying to fall asleep when I feel someone gently tug my foot. It was so quick and subtle I think I imagine it. I'm settling back to sleep when they grab my foot again and yank me to the point that I went from being parallel to my bed to being perpendicular. I look up and see a purple dragon/dinosaur like hazy monster. I immediately knew I was dreaming becasuse my dogs didn't even wake up, also, for the first time in one of these dreams I was able to speak and fight back. I smacked it around some until it disappeared and I went back to bed.

Right after that I dream I'm in the car with my brother and my mom. My brother is driving, I'm in th passenger seat and she's in the back seat. We're listening to the radio and they're playing Bob Marely, but it wasn't a real Marely song. He sings, "They're going to blow up the churhes, they're going to make the black rain." As I'm listening I get an "ah-ha" moment. And I tell them, "Oh my god, I finally get it!" What I meant was that when I was younger and heard the song I thought that the "black rain" was from the soot and smoke of the bombs, but now I realized it was from the body parts of the black church goers... My brother shoots me a look of, "Really? It's always been obvious." My mom says, "I don't get it." Instead of telling her what I just told you, I say, "Mom... they're going to make the BLACK rain." She looks at me, looks past me and again says, "I still don't get it." I just sat back in my seat all annoyed and thought, this is why we don't speak anymore. It was an odd dream due to the detail in the songs lyrics. It was a whole song that doesn't exist, but those are the lyrics that stuck out the most.

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I dreamt that Bruce hugged me and asked if I was alright. This was quite different from my previous Maiden-related dreams: in all of those my interaction with the band members had been minimal or non-existent and the band members (notwithstanding the occasional change of costume/job) appeared essentially as they are in real life. In this one it seemed that Bruce and I were friends, and knew each other well.


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Ok, I've put this off long enough, finally got some time to post something.

I've had A LOT of interesting, very vivid dreams, but one in particular stands head and shoulders above the rest. Five years ago I became involved with a very interesting woman. She had a colorful past and a tendency to come and go as she pleased. I say we dated for 2.5 years, but in all reality she would disappear for weeks or months at a time so it was more like 6 months.

At any rate, One September night she asks me to watch her daughters as she had to go to work. She did not come back until 5 in the morning or so stating her phone had died and she had fallen asleep in her car... LONG story. At any rate she wasn't too pleased with how I had cared for her daughters and disappeared yet again.

On to the dream. On Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, well over a months since the incident, I took a nap. I had two very vivid dreams, the second being the pertinent one. I dreamt that she called me as though nothing had happened and invited me over to her house. I accept and when I get there I immediately notice the dim, yellow lighting, the high ceiling, spacious living room and white walls. The girls run to me excited and happy to see me. We put them to bed and we start catching up. She tells me of everything she had been up too and then apologizes for the shit she had put me through. Eventually she tells me we should have sex one more time for old time's sake. In the dream I tell her 'no,' because I was already involved with another woman. There the dream ends, but not the story.

I awoke puzzled and didn't think much of it, simply my subconscious really missing her. I had been talking to another girl, but nothing serious, mainly a work crush. The following day, Sunday morning, my phone begins to vibrate and wakes me up. I answer groggily and on the other side of the line... HER! Saying hello and good morning as though nothing had happened! Asks me if I would at some point like to come over to her new house. At that point I was wide awake just from shock. I say yes, then she says, "ok I'll call you later when you are more awake." I was on edge all day, "later" with her could mean the next 5 minutes or in two weeks. That night around 10 she calls me up again stating she was " in the neighborhood" and if she could swing by to pick me up. I debate whether to be picked up or to follow her in my car. Against my better judgement I decide to ride with her. As I climb into her pick up I see her daughters in the back seat and they are excited and happy to see me. We drove for a good hour as she lived in the middle of nowhere outside of town. When we enter her home I froze. It was all there, the dim yellow light, the high ceiling, white walls and spacious living room. "What do you think?" she asks with a playful smile. "Give me a minute, because I am freaking the fuck out right now." She laughs and invites me to the living room as she puts her girls to bed.

We begin to talk and just like in the dream she tells me everything she's been up to, then she apologizes for all the shit she had put me through, we hug and here is where things don't go exactly like in the dream. She whispers in my ear as we embrace, "I love you." I tell her, "I love you too..." I don't tell her of the other girl, but I don't exactly lie either. I tell her, " remember I told you I got in touch with the Jesuits?" "Yes..." "Well, they finally got back to me, I am undergoing the discernment process to become a priest." What she tells me next I will never forget: "That's fine, you and i both know that is what you are meant to be, but I will fuck your brains out until then."

It wouldn't be that night as we merely fell asleep in each other's arms on the couch.

I had this dream last week, but finally had some time to sit down and retell it. You'll notice the spoiler tags, that's because this dream is a bit of a sequel. It's about the same person. Didn't notice when I wrote the original post, but the dream itself was from about 11 years ago.

At any rate, the details from this last dream are lost to me and it upsets me. I can't recall dreams the way I used to, but I do remember the key points and more importantly how I felt.

I was staying somewhere, a hotel, friend's house, no matter. Point is, my ex was there too, the one from the dream in spoilers. We were mutually happy to see each other. We caught up and talked like no time had gone by. We reconnected in a sort of way, nothing physical. In my opinion more personal and intimate, we shared a past, and we just got each other. We shared a room. Old fears crept up as I remember telling her, "Please don't leave," and her smiling at how ridiculous that'd be. We laughed about it. At another point I went into the bathroom and she stepped out all soapy and invited me to shower with her.

It was all SO vivid... In that moment, I was with her. Again, I don't remember details, but it felt like a last hoorah. A goodbye. When I woke up at peace and as though I could FINALLY move on. I know it sounds pathetic, but she really marked me. A few nights ago I told my sister the abridge version of the story and it still took an hour. I feel good, at peace, as though I got my wish of seeing her one last time.


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I dreamt that I saw Maiden at a hockey arena, except the ice wasn’t totally removed from the floor so nobody could stand down there. Bruce also spent most of the show up in the nosebleed sections where nobody could see him. Pretty poor experience all around, very disappointed.


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I dreamed that I had a lucid dream. But I didn't actually have a lucid dream, I only dreamed that I had one.

Academic brain at work right there, my friends.


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Backstory: I work for a railroad and have had some, uh, incidents to say the least.
Ive been off for several months due to a recession in traffic and haven't had ANY dreams about work.... till last night, and of course it was a nightmare. I was doing about 30mph down the track and there was an embankment on either side of the tracks, and for whatever reason there was a lady walking her dog right on the rail. All I remember was me slamming it into emergency braking and closing my eyes, I heard a thud and woke up. I could go the rest of my life without ever having this dream, or having it happen again. Brains are weird.