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    I had the same with those albums (if you mean the ones I was enthusiastic about). But I have changed view now that I've heard more albums. The proportions are different now. :)
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    Aye, watching him makes the 'mad' bits more tolerable. When I say mad, eye no ewe know what I mean. Ive tried this with Zappa before and the crazy shit just aint for me, I know what I like and I know what isnt worth exploring (for me personally). Like Zappa, what I like from the Bucket, I REALLY like but what I dont like I have no interest in trying to like. I still feel my life has been enriched by Zappa and Buckethead.

    I know that the more that you release yourself to this kind of stuff, the more you appreciate but I just dont wanna go that deep. Much like exercise, booze, drugs, yoga and more. I prefer to keep it at arms length. Except booze. And drugs. And Maiden. Im rambling.

    Final point; Peppers Ghost is one of the best things I've ever heard.
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  3. I know what you mean.
    I think you're talking a lot of sense. How much have you had to drink?
    The song, or the whole album? For Buckethead, I actually don't think it's that stellar. Maybe I need to listen to it a bit more...
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    Pikes 7, 8 and 9. Songs that I liked (some more than others):

    #7 The Shores of Molokai
    The Shores of Molokai
    The 5 Masters of Decapitation
    Mannequins Are My Friend
    Smile Without a Face
    Melting Man

    #8 Racks
    Asbury Park Boardwalk
    The Patrolman (best song!)

    #9 March of the Slunks
    Magellan's Maze
    Burying Toys
    Malbert's Strut
    The Robot Who Lost Its Head
    Satellite Invaders
    Ghost Coop

    Racks has the least amount of songs mentioned, but all of these are over three minutes (belonging to the longest ones from the record) and they were really, really cool (among the best from all these albums). So this pike is probably my favourite of the first nine.

    I liked all these three pikes more than any pike he did before, although It's Alive is not far behind.
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  5. My 5-star tracks were identical to yours, except I have Stumps on Stilts instead of your Smile Without a Face; which I don't rate quite as highly (4-star). The rest of the tracks are solid 4-star in my eyes. So we're in pretty firm agreement here...
    They are the four 5-star tracks I have too! The rest, again, are all solid 4-star tracks for me. Patrolman and Sunbursts are lovely, lovely tracks; real keepers, that I come back to a lot...
    Wow, total agreement again! These are all my 5-star tracks too; although I do quite dig Vault too (granted it's just a bit of two minute nonsense). Still love it personally...
    Racks is excellent all-in. The highs are pretty special.
    Indeed. This is the first (of a few) awesome runs of album in the Pikes series. Did you note the release dates? Pikes #8, 9, & 10 were all released on the same day. He clearly wrote all of these at the same time; they all have the same production feel to them.

    I rate It's Alive, like you, (nearly?) up there too, but probably not quite as good. I like 3' Clearance too, although I know you weren't quite as impressed. Still, these albums all came out over the space of a year or so... not forgetting that he released Electric Sea (a regular album, not a Pike) between #5 & #6. You should check that out next, just for something a little different...
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  6. ... plus, rounding off the first ten is The Silent Picture Book, which is probably the best of them all! :edmetal:
  7. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    Will do that one first before I'll try to hear all his pre 2013 solo work. Before I'll continue the pikes, from 2013 and onwards...
  8. Are you still enjoying this enough to crack on with the 30 pre-Pikes albums? :p

    These plans still seem ambitious...
  9. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    If I do not like some of it, I'll race a bit harder through the material.
  10. upload_2016-4-16_21-11-56.png
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    Excellent. Now what to choose next...something old, something new? [​IMG]Are any of the Halloween stuff he did any good? I can imagine it might be good, if he ventured into some horror themed, spooky instrumentals...?
  12. Tread carefully...

    No seriously, don't pay any money for any of the Halloween Pikes.
  13. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    Thanks Cried! I'm considering to get:

    Racks, The Silent Picture Book, Backwards Chimney, Monument Valley, Pike Doors, It Smells Like Frogs and Hold Me Forever (even though I do not like the second half, the first is adorable).

    Okay. Forgotten Library (#11) sounds very good as well. As does the title track of Propellar (#12). He shouldn't do these sales too often. It's hard to resist to not get all this.

    (opposed to Sixes, with Buckethead I don't really dare to pay for something I haven't heard yet; I rather explore and decide to get it at some point, after I've heard it)
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    When you buy a pike (download) and you see all these formats, can you download several different formats or a maximum of one per payment?
    What's with these dark looking pikes (without artwork, just numbers). Can I assume rightly that these aren't in this two dollar sale action?

    The songs I especially liked on The Silent Picture Book (pike #10) (good album!):

    Dweller by the Dark Stream
    Blind Cyclops
    Beam of Omega
    Melting Man Part 2

    I have heard Buckethead's debut solo album Bucketheadland. That's an original album for sure, with a lot of mad moments. Focusing on which songs I liked the most, I'd pick Park Theme & Computer Master. (I haven't listened to most of the second disc tracks, so if anything cool pops up, I'll mention it)

    In the upcoming days I'll listen to more pikes, but quicker, to make up my mind if want to buy any before the sale ends (at some point I'll listen better to these records, in order to judge better). Afterwards, I'll return to the pre-pike material.
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  15. I think every single one of them is worth having. And you can't knock $2...
    Good idea. You're not going like everything.
    On the actual Bucketheadland Pikes website the other formats (Signed & Drawing Editions) are physical formats. The Drawing Editions are only available for a set amount of time; a week or something. The Signed Editions are 300 (I think) in number; they're available until sold. There are Standard Edition CDs for the first ten Pikes; the rest are announced as forthcoming, but have never appeared. It's a long running joke amongst fans.
    They're these mystery Pikes that have no name, no track names & no digital release yet. The site hasn't been updated properly, as most of these were actually released in digital format the other week. For digital format (i.e. the $2 sale) go to the Bandcamp website; everything that's eligible is there.

    Yip, same for me; altho' I'd add personally add Flashes to that list. Awesome album!
    Aye, pretty old school Bucket.
    You've got until the 25th, so no hurry.
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    You're not going to believe this but I have worked myself through the catalogue until pike 125(!). I listened for hours today.
    I am now the proud owner of (the free pike Twisterlend included) 16 pikes:
    (There are 6 or 7 other pikes that I doubted about; might consider to get them some other time)
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  17. I assume you mean you just listened to the odd clip to get a taste of the Pike flavour? :p
    Nice picks. I wouldn't not have recommended any of them! :ok:

    EDIT: Just got myself up-to-date with the latest five Pikes. I now have every single Pike except #13 (which has had no digital release yet).
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    Well, it went fast, but I did it very serious still. I wanted to score as many superb pikes as possible, looking forward to take them with me in the car next month, on holiday.

    With many of them, I knew within 10 to 20 seconds I would not buy them. I kinda know my irritation limit, and I have developed a sense for what I like (a lot).

    "Triple Stamp" is certainly one I am going to recommend to Sixes. Bucket's quickest riffs perhaps. Death metallish... He shreds but instead of using high notes, he riffs, doing the low ones. Pretty unique pike I thought.

    Notice how many under #70 I got? Only 1 between #70 and #125, and that was not one of the very best I selected (imo).

    @CriedWhenBrucieLeft I am curious which are your stand out albums in these ranges.
    I wonder which are your favourite ones (you may mention a few, or a couple of dozen, depending on how much you want to tell about them).
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  19. Well, hope you enjoy them. There's still tons of material that you'd definitely like that you probably missed too. Honestly, plenty.
  20. The $2 sale is still on btw. Was meant to end on the 25th (still says that), but it's still running. With him being on tour he's presumably forgotten to take it off! :p

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