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    Nice avatar, @Forostar

    So after listening to a couple of Bucket albums over the last week, youtube on my computer seems compelled to steer me in that direction. No matter what I'm listening to 'Up next' is guaranteed to be a Buckethead album. I suppose I should just listen to more, then.
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    Continues discussion about Look Up There overhere (Look Up Here!):

    Yes the title track it is too long but I prefer the music and guitar playing in the title track. Probably has to do with my taste for that style and melody. The beats in track 1 are not helping.

    So far I am not very impressed with the first 6 pikes. These are the sparse highlights for me:

    Lebrontron (pike 1) The first three and a half minute is the still the best!
    Crack the Sky (pike 1)
    Brooding Peeps (pike 1)
    Wormers (pike 2)
    Handprint Ornament (pike 3)
    Look Up There (pike 5)
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  3. They're a bit uneven, aren't they. I'm surprised you didn't like a bit more of Pike #1 and Pike #3.

    For me the stand-outs on It's Alive (Pike #1) are: Lebrontron; Tonka (you didn't like this?); Barnyard Banties (I love all that slap funk stuff, you clearly don't! :p); Crack the Sky; & Brooding Peeps. The rest of it's pretty solid. Overall, I thought this was a pretty consistent Pikes release.

    On Empty Space (Pike #2): probably just Wormers & Dummy Egg. The rest of it's pretty scrappy & not particularly interesting.

    '3 Clearance (Pike #3): Again, I thought this was a pretty solid release with plenty of highlights & no low points of note (besides X-ray). Stand-outs for me were Griffin's Spike, Rammellzee, Floating Graveyard, Ballad of Jerry Mono, Handprint Ornament, & Three Headed Guardian. You didn't think the start of the album was pretty strong?

    Underground Chamber (Pike #4): Uh, half an hour of fucking about & noise. I can listen to this... ;)

    Look Up There (Pike #5): As discussed, track one has that annoying-to-some beats going on (which isn't that good admittedly), but the guitar work is nice; the title track is lovely, just too long.

    Balloon Cement (Pike #6): No highlights for me. Tracks are only 3-star (distinctly average, boring, although not devoid of merit) & 4-star at best (good, but not outstanding in any way). The first Pike with nothing on it that really grabbed me.

    Better stuff to come on Pikes #7 into the teens though! :ok:
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    Short reaction: I'll go through all the songs you've mentioned. For me they didn't have the same level as the ones I did mention. But that doesn't instantly mean that they all should be forgotten anytime soon. ;)
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  5. NYC 04.04.2016

  6. Forostar

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    Setlist? :)
  7. Seriously, I have no fucking clue what on earth he's going to play. First show is a week today so we should soon find out...

    EDIT: Sorry, that photo is from the Bernie Worrell charity gig that took place just there on Monday; it's not him on tour. I think he just turned up to give Bernie a hug to be honest; he was only on the stage for 5 minutes.
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    Did the Bucket work with Bernie? Didnt know he was sick, just googled it there. The man is a ledge
  9. Yeh, they toured together many times (in Praxis & other projects)...

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  11. Jam band, nothing rehearsed; they literally just turned up & started playing stuff. Awesome.
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    Love it, I'm watchin other vids now, pure class, Claypool is gettin some Larry Graham shit on the go. I know I've been drinkin wine since 12 today but I mean it when I say fuckin thank you for alertin me to this shit!
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  13. No problem. Claypool plus Buckethead is a pretty special combination. I hope they get back on the stage together at some point in the future...
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    Seems so
  15. Niall Kielt

    Niall Kielt Pulled Her At The Bottle Top

    does the bucket use a button for a whammy bar?
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    I like it.
    BB: maybe a bit too atonal for me.
    Dummy Egg is very cool in the beginning but later it gets less interesting.
    In GS don't like the lead from 2.00 and onwards. I love the melody in the beginning though.
    Ram: nice groove, but not anything particular cool happening. Irritating end solo again.
    FG: Mwah. Sabbattish work. This could be a grower though.
    Ballad: Has nice moments.
    Guardian: idemdito.

    The "problem" is, the songs that you mention, some of them, especially Dummy Egg have really nice parts but in other parts it can be very different. So therefore I can't call the whole tracks highlights. I realize there are nice moments though. But not enough to appreciate a whole song very much.
    I especially like the 2nd half of this album.
  17. Yikes! There's going to a few whole albums you're not going to dig then. Are you sure you want to keep exploring Buckethead's work? Atonal is pretty much a trademark of (one aspect) of his lead playing! :p
    A common problem with Buckethead; sections you really like but bits you don't; add to that odd track division & you're left wondering how you "rate" them...
    You on Pike #7 already?
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    Im much less into this than you guys but any album ive listened to (bout 3 or 4) I havent paid attention to what track is what (which I normally do with other bands) and so not liking parts of songs isnt really an issue, I take the album as a whole and so theres bits i like and bits i dont. It works for e, its like each album is a song or 'piece' in itself.

    Watchin a live show now, Gothic, Colorado, 2012 now. Some heavy shit here
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    I realize that trademark Cried. But I am patient enough to search for the golden nuggets! They are worth it.

    @Pike #7
    Yes. But I'll replay this one.
  20. You're almost forced to take this approach with Buckethead. I'm not sure if it's good or not, but he's certainly made me approach music a lot differently than I used to. Like you say, tracks don't always matter.
    Different watching him play?
    Glad you think so. Sifting through the chaos for those little gems, eh? A common problem for Buckethead fans...

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