Reading the detail (there's a Q&A online) it turns out it's all Pikes music + one original track (written for the release). The fact that Buckethead's vast Pikes library, for wont of a better word, is being viewed this way (i.e. as an archive to be picked from) is quite interesting actually. Even the Halloween run gets a look in!



The years just pass like trains
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A little pricey but it’s a nice package. I do want to expand my vinyl collection and that’s a good one.
Some recent footage from a few days back, inc. cover of Candy Shop (50 Cent)...

I don't hear him making so many mistakes or having technical issues early on this tour; his playing has been really tight.

Diesel 11

Und die Welt zählt laut bis zehn...
Pike 20/275

The opening title track was a bit slow and didn’t seem to really get anywhere, but the rest of the songs picked up the pace. Not too much of note on this one; some cool riffs throughout, and I thought that “Dust Filter” and “In The Bin” were on their way to being great. Otherwise, solid, maybe not the best Pike of the lot though.

Rating: 79%