Bruce's stage costumes over the years

I'm still not sure what was going on with those trousers that look like they're made out of strips of ripped up bin bag. I quite liked the TBOS outfit, it was sort of aiming for a jungle explorer/adventurer theme.

The worst Brucewear to me is a tie between that bizarre Somewhere on Tour creation and his solo era shorts.
LOL, my wife always bags on those trousers.

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He hasn't looked more metal than during TNOTB/IM/TETMD. That leather jacket is awesome.
True, but with his current haircut and the jacket, he makes me rather think of Elvis (in Jailhouse Rock, I think). Which is badass too, but hardly metal ;)


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I know there were some complaints about the trousers here, but in my opinion Bruce's outfits during this tour were the best in years, on par with the Maiden England ones, if not better. On the other hand, the WED costume was quite funny. It made me laugh a bit every time I watched a video of it. I think it's because the shirt looks big on him or something. But Bruce probably finds it funny too and loves it because of that.


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Bruce's getup on this tour is by far my favorite of his. It's just ridiculous and out there enough, without crossing over to being totally corny. Plus having a different set of clothes for nearly every song is some amazing dedication.


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Better look of the Bruce's stage costume for ''Sign Of The Cross'' during LOTB tour !



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More Bruce stage costumes for STOAST.

- including the leather jacket, the hairy (bear) boots and the lamb mask he has used during Moonchild.


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I like how with the new super tight black trousers you can see Bruce's "camel tail". I'm looking forward to taking my son next week and going "Look son! You can see his whole penis!" and then him going "Aww daaaaaad! That's grooooooossss!!!" :D