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And our hopes again are raised a bit! I wonder when it would make the most sense to be released. Maybe some time after Maiden's tour or maybe he's saving it for after Maiden calls it a day.

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Just as a wild stab in the dark, I would suggest that you'll know when the next album is imminent because the current box set will start to be sold off really, really cheap :D
I’d hold The Chemical Wedding up as superior to any of the 90’s era Maiden (including FotD and NPFTD). Beyond that, Bruce is better with Maiden than without.


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I think The Chemical Wedding is still a very good album, with Book of Thel, Gates of Urizen, King in Crimson, and Trumpets of Jericho being some of the highlights for me. I was listening to the title track the other day and I was really struck by how much I didn't love it anymore.

Accident of Birth has some absolutely cracker songs - title track, Darkside of Aquarius, Starchildren, Road to Hell, Man of Sorrows, and the stunning Arc of Space. Even the lower points I don't mind. I adore The Magician even though it's probably not a great song. Only Welcome to the Pit is below a 7ish for me.

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I adore The Magician even though it's probably not a great song.
Oh it’s a great song alright — sez diesel — with powerful guitars backing a ferocious vocal performance and a rousing chorus and to boot has one of the best solo sections in Bruce’s discography. As another Crowley song, it’s a really cool offset to the more introspective Man Of Sorrows.


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Accident of Birth is a more accessible album, maybe more fun/entertaining. Chemical Wedding is much stronger conceptually and Bruce fully realizing that concept to the end. Basically I like both for different reasons, but Chemical wedding is stronger overall. Best album of all time? Idk there’s a lot of music out there. I’ll be surprised if you’re still saying that after a few years.


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Chris Dale has also uploaded this bootleg.

The video contains snippets of:

Silver Wings
Tears of the Dragon (message of Change the Battery Pack on screen :lol: )
Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter
Tattooed Millionaire
The Prisoner

Let’s hope he uploads more cool stuff from Bruce’s solo career.
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