Bruce Dickinson


Ancient Mariner
GhostofCain and I shall give you the main ideas. I'm really too lazy to do a full traduction.
Thanks. I skimmed through it yesterday and understood most of it without using the dictionary. I found the bit about Sarajevo really poignant and his explanation about the differences between Brexit and far-right movements pretty spot on.


Out of the Silent Planet
I wonder..... maybe Bruce will release his new solo album in 2019 (the end of this year was the perfect time, but anyway....). If Maiden release their new album next year (I hope), I doubt that a Maiden album and a Bruce solo album would be released in a same year. Yeah, this has happened before, in 1998, but that was during a period where Bruce was no part of the band. TOS was released in 2005 (with songwriting began at 2003, I think), AMOLAD was released in 2006. Dunno, maybe new solo album from Bruce in 2019 is almost certain, and new album from Maiden in 2020.... :(


Automaton Sovietico
Talk about music when being interviewed in a music mag.
I am annoyed too, but I would first blame the interviewers. They write the questions, no?
Since 2008 there's always some other topic about him that interviewers get tunnel visioned into. Plane, book, cancer, brexit.