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I’m pretty sure he was saying Silicon Messiah (“SM”) beats all of Bruce’s solo albums, which is where the blasphemy comes from...
I think you're right. My bad! ;) ...this Silicon Works and Skunk Messiah -thing is pretty confusing. :D


My sins are many
The Tattooed Dimension, where Janick and Cackly Bruce keep society distracted with an endless stream of bland riffs and sexual innuendo, and only Blaze can see their true nature.


Ancient Mariner
Blaze, Bruce, Adrian and Janick form a super group called "Kings of Metal."

Silicon Millionaire
Balls to Messiah
The Skunk Who Would Not Die
Accident and Terror
The Chemical Holiday (acoustic)
Tyranny of The Russian December (acoustic)

Sorry, you started this... ;)

As for Tenth Dimension re-release, I'm planning on getting the vinyl. Interesting to see if Blood & Belief is also given this treatment in the future, or just these two cult-classics. Pity that the shows here in Finland got postponed, but maybe next year...
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My sins are many
Please include H-related titles a.s.a.p then. ;)
You Could Be A King Of Metal
Wishing The Soundtrack Of My Life Away
Blood & Belief On The Ocean
Welcome To Letting Go Of The World
City Of Light And Bones
The World’s On Fire And Turning The Wrong Way
Stealing And Killing Time
Into The Black Country
Calling You No Place Like Home


Ancient Mariner
See them turn to stones
in the city of Light...and bones
Kings and queens on their thrones
in the city of Light...and bo-o-o-ones!
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