Another Life

How good is Another Life on a scale of 1-10?

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The Reverend

Fun repetitive song with random out-of-place punk section and odd ending.
Highlight: The main riff is great
Lowlight: The random out-of-place punk section

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
"Iron Maiden" has to be the only song where constant repetition works because most of the time it doesn't. Case in point: this thing. 5/10


I think the instrumental on this one is pretty great, but you can’t just repeat a verse 3 times and expect to get away with it. This song is clearly unfinished. 6/10 because it could have been quite great

Number 6

Ancient Mariner
Pretty average song on a pretty average album. The main riff is great, and it's a shame it wasn't used for something better. So far, my lowest-rated Maiden song. 5.


Yes, Yes, Another Beer!
An interesting lead on top of a repetitive drum fill breaks into a soaring solo on top of a pulsing main riff. Paul continues with his rough but strong delivery through the verse and chorus. The guitars build tension nicely leading into the chorus.

I'm not keen on the little harmonized bridges after the choruses since they interfere with the momentum of the song, but they're not terrible.

An OK musical break with some weird scale diving from Steve cuts into a cool solo that gives way to another round of verse and chorus, bridge, and sort of a big rock ending.

I really like the verse, chorus, and solo here, but I'm not as fond of the other parts. 7/10.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
It may sound hypocritical because I'm an "Iron Maiden" (song) fan, but other than that, the constant repetition is stupid: case in point, this song. It's actually very enjoyable, but also lazily written and nothing compared to other songs. Also has some very meh guitar parts.

3/10. I memorized the lyrics the second time I read them through.


What are we, but men without eyes?
I really really like this song, even though it's a "normal" song. Just one of those songs... Fates Warning is another one

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Good drum intro, bland guitar entry, but the main riff isn't bad. This is actually one of Di'Anno's better performances, shockingly, and it's the music which fails it instead. The instrumental section is pretty pointless and I dislike the ending and the constant repetition, but it's not the worst thing they've done, though certainly below average. 4


Out of the Silent Planet
Great drum intro. The song also has a very good riff. I quite like the little solo from Dave at the start of the song. It's strange but this song has only verses... x3? (this has to be the most lazy lyrics by Maiden!). I like the so fast instrumental part (almost like in ''Genghis Khan''). The second solo from Dave is good too. The repetition not bothers me. The crazy end of the song with the double solos is a nice addition. Typical harmonies and song for the early Maiden. Not bad - it's nice short song. When they played it live in 2005 it was a shock, haha. 6/10.


Educated Fool
The lyrics of this song seem to be the words of one
schizophrenia describing one of his "voices in his head", which
urges him to commit suicide. In fact, Dickinson had prefaced it
piece live, saying: “This is a song […] about a gentleman who goes
up top and comes back down… has another go… ”(« This is a song […]
for a gentleman who goes up and down again… pays another
effort… »), meaning that the protagonist of the lyrics commits suicide and
comes to life again.
A characteristic symptom of schizophrenia is headaches
illusions, which, many times, take the form of speeches. This
observed in other cases (psychotic depression, mania, lack
sleep, taking certain substances), however, in schizophrenia the person on the one hand
believes that "voices" are real and on the other hand the voices are about
practically anything, criticize his actions, persecute him or give him
commands. The most dangerous expressions of these illusions concern
cases in which the patient hears voices, which give him
orders or assigns him missions, which can push him into violence
behavior (see “Killers”).
According to the approach of those who interpret his lyrics
piece as part of a story that unfolds in five pieces, that
is the fourth part of the story. The appeals to Lamia
of the previous part were left unsatisfied.