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An update thanks to the GhostVivor.


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Album 25/365

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As you scream into the web of silence...
So having started doing this myself I'm going to recommend Boston's self titled debut album of the albums I've done thus far it has the highest overall percentage
It’s funny, I’ve heard every song on that album thanks to classic rock radio, but never heard the album itself. :p

If you wanna use this thread to post an update of what you’ve been hearing, go ahead, I’m quite interested.

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner
It’s funny, I’ve heard every song on that album thanks to classic rock radio, but never heard the album itself. :p

If you wanna use this thread to post an update of what you’ve been hearing, go ahead, I’m quite interested.

Alrighty; I'll begin posting them once I'm done updating my schedule

How I've chosen the albums I will be listening to:

1. Have I properly listened to the full album? [Know under 30% of album]

2. Does the album need a re-listen

3. Classic album lists

4. Preference given to albums I own a hard copy of but have yet to listen to fully.

5. Bands which I am likely going to see on Tour will have priority seeing as I want to know more material for the show.

While I have heard the entire album before, I despised it at the time with only TETMD CIPWM and SSOASS being worth re-listens in my mind. But that was over a year ago when I first got into Maiden so it is time for a re-listen on my Vinyl copy.


Seventh Son of A Seventh Son - Iron Maiden
Format: Vinyl

Moonchild – A calm acoustic intro kicks off the album before rocketing into a fast paced rocker filled with lyrics from the perspective of Lucifer, for me the chorus is the sole letdown but an amazing song - 10/10

Infinite Dreams – A very interesting song, I enjoy Bruce’s vocal delivery during the 4th and 5th verses. The instrumentation as per usual Maiden standards are wonderful. The sped up section into the solo is wonderful. The production is in the vein of SIT which I quite enjoy - 9/10

Can I Play With Madness – A Capella opening leads into a fun filler esc track which ultimate fits the theme of the album but doesn’t stand out amongst the rest. – 7/10

The Evil That Men Do – A slower intro leads into a ripping guitar attack with Bruce laying out some brilliant vocals. Great lyrics and musicianship easily the best song on Side 1 but not quite worth a 10 – 10/10

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son – A wicked symphonic opening breaks into a fast paced epic track before calming down with the final set of vocals and exploding into a killer instrumental for the second half – 10/10

The Prophecy – Another calm introduction before the tempo picks up. Instrumentally I think this song is strong however lyrically it isn’t anything special. 6/10

The Clairvoyant – Once again this slower intro (I’m starting to think I know where AMOLAD gets its slow intro idea from…) into a Mid-paced song with faster sections overall a solid song. - 7.5/10

Only the Good Die Young - Faster intro leads into a decent rocker, although the chorus leaves some to be desired. However the acoustic outro fits in perfectly summing up the album - 7/10

Overall Rating - 83%



Burn – Deep Purple (MKIII)
Format: Vinyl

Burn – A ripping opener with great vocals from Coverdale and Hughes, Blackmore, Lord and Paice are on fire with this track. Overall a perfect track – 10/10

Might Just Take Your Life – This track has a nice keyboard intro which is joined by a nice groove from Blackmore. The singers have some nice Harmonies however the aggression from the previous track is gone. Overall a solid track 7.5/10

Lay Down Stay Down – Another track with a very groove filled intro, Hughes takes more of the vocals on this one, faster paced and a solid rocker. 7.5/10

Sail Away – Slower but once again filled with a nice groove. Not as strong as the previous 3 tracks but still not bad by any means. Harmonies between the guitar and keys are great and the vocalists are solid -7/10

You Fool No One – Another faster track opening side 2 of the album, Vocal harmonies fill this track. The track completely screams 70s and reminds me of Blue Oyster Cult. I like it. 8/10

Whats Goin’ On Here – A mid-paced track that isn’t really a rocker but isn’t slow per-say. Overall fits the same bill as Sail Away, a solid song; but not quite as strong as the rest. – 7/10

Mistreated – Slow and prodding Mistreated is an amazing Deep Purple ballad. Coverdale shows off some great vocal talents. Overall an essential Deep Purple Track which comes close to the Title track to being the best track on the Album however it isn’t quite there. 9/10

“A” 200 – An instrumental closer track which frankly could have been left off, However it is by no means a bad instrumental just not necessary 7/10

Overall Rating - 79%


Boston – Boston
Format: Vinyl

More Than A Feeling – An acoustic intro leads into the incredibly recognizable lead track. I have to say the harmonies from the Vinyl are unreal on this track. Honestly listening on Vinyl has given me a new appreciation for this track - 10/10

Peace of Mind – Another acoustic intro although much shorter leads into another rocking track with wonderful Harmonies and groove. Absolutely unreal track and just when you think it is done it kicks back again with another great instrumental passage. - 10/10

Foreplay/Longtime – A well-crafted instrumental begins off this longer mid-paced track. Not quite on the level of the previous two tracks but an amazing track as well. - 10/10

Rock & Roll Band – Side two kicks off with a nice and fun rocker, the catchy lyrics, harmonies and overall groove work wonders on this track I just wish it was a little longer. – 9/10

Smokin – Another fast paced track, Harmonies and guitar groove all over the place. Keyboards take over the instrumental middle section for a nice change. – 8.5/10

Hitch a Ride – An acoustic guitar with some vocal harmonies kick off this slower song, definitely a nice change of pace and intensity from the first 5 songs of the album without losing any of the feeling from the previous songs. The keyboards once again come up as a strong part of the song -8/10

Something about you – Starts off calm and I was totally expecting a slower ballad, before kicking off into a fast paced love song. A pleasant surprise and overall great track. - 8.5/10

Let me take you home tonight – The slower song I was expecting previously appears here as the album closer, a softer song which has less focus on harmonies and rocking guitars and keys brings a pleasant end to an amazing album – 8/10

Overall Album 90%



The Whitesnake EP– Whitesnake
Format: CD/Digital

Bloody Mary - A fun piano driven rock track; Definetely different than later Whitesnake hits but you can see the progression from DC’s Deep Purple Days – 8/10

Steal Away – A heavier guitar intro leads into a mid-paced track with some decent piano and guitar work. Not as strong as the opener but still an enjoyable song; – 7/10

Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City – A slower cover tune. A solid outing on Coverdale’s part and the band itself pulls the song off quite well.- 7/10

Come On – The heavier guitars return for the closing track of this EP. Another solid track, shows the potential of the band but nothing that hits the ball out of the park - 7.5/10

Overall Rating 74%
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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
It's funny, your approach is more similar to the guy I took the idea from. He was doing 365 albums in a year, didn't matter if he'd heard them before or not, but it was an approach at loving the album format again. Problem was, two years on and he's still doing it. :D Good stuff, looking forward to seeing how your listens progress!

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner
It's funny, your approach is more similar to the guy I took the idea from. He was doing 365 albums in a year, didn't matter if he'd heard them before or not, but it was an approach at loving the album format again. Problem was, two years on and he's still doing it. :D Good stuff, looking forward to seeing how your listens progress!

My reasoning is mainly to give myself a chance to hear things I own but haven’t listened to at this point or to give albums second chances. For example the Whitesnake EP I bought months ago and hadn’t heard anything before whereas Seventh Son I hadn’t heard in its entirety since I bought it and my taste has changed since I got into Maiden more.

Strong albums out of the gate by @The Dissident in Burn , Whitesnake...

Have a few more of each band on my list as well. Have most of Whitesnake's Discography might just go through everything that I have since I'm only missing the albums since they have reunited barring The Purple Album
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The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Dreamboat Annie – Heart
Format: Vinyl

Magic Man – The classic tune kicks off the album. A Mid paced rocker which honestly is only held back by the production at the time. Great song, and super heavy live. - 10/10

Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child) – A soothing beach sounds intro makes way for Ann’s calm vocals provides a nice segue into the next song however it really doesn’t fill much purpose – 6/10

Silver Wheels/Crazy On You – The recognizable guitar intro of Silver wheels leads into an amazing rocker with killer guitar work and vocals from the Sisters – 10/10

Soul of the Sea – Another Oceanside intro leads into another calm song with some nice lyrics and guitar work although it is nothing special overall. Although the last little bit has some nice experimentation– 7/10

Dreamboat Annie – Segueing from the previous song the second appearance of Dreamboat Annie is more upbeat version but like the other is quite short. It however has some nice harmonies – 7/10

White Lightning and Wine – Side two starts with this groovier track, with a nice guitar lick, which reminds me of one of their later songs straight on, but that aside it is a great track that I really enjoyed – 8/10

(Love Me Like Music) I’ll be your song – Slow into with some nice harmonies clearly paints this as a heart Ballad, and a strong one at that – 7.5/10

Sing Child – A guitar leads into the sisters harmonizing with faster vocals and a midpaced tempo some nice guitar on this one and another song with a solid groove. The solo section is also quite solid – 7.5/10

How Deep It Goes – Another ballad, this one has some wonderful vocal abilities from Ann. While I cannot rank the two differently for any reason I prefer “(Love me like Music) I’ll be your song” more – 7.5/10

Dreamboat Annie (Reprise) – The third time with the title track should frankly be the only time with it, longer than both the previous appearances put together this song closes out the album nicely pulling it all together one last time – 7.5/10

Overall Rating - 71%


The Game – Queen
Format: Vinyl

Play The Game – An interesting intro culminates with Freddie on a piano singing; Wonderful harmonies are present throughout; The guitar work balances between lighter and heavy. This track screams Queen. An enjoyable tune – 7.5/10

Dragon Attack – A catchy guitar/bass combination kicks off this song, some silly lyrics but overall a strong track; - 8/10

Another One Bites The Dust – I’m sure this is self-explanatory; instantly recognizable bass line leading into an amazing song. – 9/10

Need Your Lovin Tonight – Softer vocals from Freddie but a faster paced than the previous 3 songs. Overall a solid fun song – 8/10

Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Another classic queen song, very old school rock and roll sounding. – 9/10

Rock it (Prime Jive) – Side two opens with a track dominated by Roger Taylors vocals; Fun fast paced but nothing special – 7/10

Don’t Try Suicide – A clapping intro with some nice bass work; A call and response style side. Important message. With some nice instrumental sections – 7/10

Sail Away Sweet Sister – My favourite song on the album, Brian May has amazing vocals on this a shame it hasn’t been performed live – 10/10

Coming Soon - A drum intro with harmonized vocals from Mercury and May make this short track enjoyable although it is easily forgettable. - 6/10

Save me. - Slow intro leads into a chant style chorus ending the album with a solid song. - 7.5/10

Overall Rating 79%
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The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Little Queen – Heart
Format: Vinyl

Barracuda – Kicking off the album with their likely most well-known song the steamrolling guitar work. Easily a 10/10

Love Alive – An acoustic guitar being strummed into some soothing vocals from Ann overall a strong song – 7.5/10

Sylvan Song – Frogs croak and some relatively forgettable organs and guitarwork are all that exist in this instrumental – 6/10

Dream On The Archer – Segued into from the previous song which honestly should have been joined to this song. Another calm song which would have benefited from the longer intro alas we can only imagine – 7/10

Kick It Out – A nice fast paced rocker, solid song – 8.5/10

Little Queen – Slow electric opening leads into the title track; nice harmonies but I can’t help but want more. Guitar work is solid, Vocals are good but something is missing – 7/10

Treat Me Well – Nancy takes the lead vocals on this track, Thus far the best ballad on the album, Nancy is quite the accomplished singer and it shows on this track – 8/10

Say Hello – A live intro leads into mid-tempo track more on the folk side of things, not a bad song just not my style – 7/10

Cry To Me – Ann and Nancy only on this track another slower ballad… but once again it is a solid song. – 7/10

Go On Cry – An interesting way to end the album, vocally the song is strong. Although it by no means should be the longest song on the album when the lyrics are more repetitive than many maiden songs chorus’. Musicianship is there but this track could have been much more. – 7.5/10

Overall Rating: 76%


Having listened to 3 of their records fully through what I find with Heart is that their albums are not great sums of their parts. Some of their songs are killer however they have so many slower songs on each album that it dilutes the greatness of them. That being said individually these songs may be ranked higher however within the album they are as is. Also what is with bands using instrumental intros clearly meant for a song but not merging them into 1 track...



Screaming for Vengeance – Judas Priest
Format: Vinyl
The Hellion – A wicked intro, should be part of the following track but sadly it isn’t – 8/10

Electric Eye – Transitions perfectly from The Hellion, the Chorus vocals are a little weak but the instruments are killer – 7/10

Riding On the Wind – A furious drum introduces this song with great guitar work kicking in soon after. Vocals are better although I still need to get more used to Halford’s high pitched style. – 8/10

Bloodstone – Another nice rocker, slightly slower paced but Halford’s vocals are better on this one – 8.5/10

(Take These) Chains – A strong mid paced track. A nice change from the previous faster songs but still a strong track although lyrics could use some more variety – 8/10

Pain and Pleasure – A decent track doesn’t grab you as aggressively as the previous tracks – 6.5/10

Screaming for Vengeance – Kicking off with a nice scream from Halford before launching into action with rapid fire vocals. Instrumentation remains strong throughout this entire track. -8.5/10

You’ve Got Another Thing Comin – An amazing mid paced track easily designed for a live setting - 10/10

Fever – Starts off slower before picking up into a midpaced track with the usual nice instrumental portion. You think it ends then it comes back again before ultimately concluding– 7.5/10

Devil’s Child – Picking up the pace somewhat Devil’s child has a nice riff and overall is another enjoyable track from Priest - 8/10

Overall Rating 80%


Cultosaurus Erectus – Blue Oyster Cult
Format: Vinyl

Black Blade – Honestly didn’t know BOC has two different lead singers in the band so hearing the different vocal style was a shock; A very 70s psychedelic style intro launches into a rocking track with amazing guitar work and some cool vocals once the shock factor dropped. – 9/10

Monsters – Another track kicks off with a very 70s style intro before kicking off into a solid rocking track the first chunk and ending of the track are unreal although the middle isn’t quite on par it is still as strong track – 9/10

Divine Wind – A slower track with some nice guitar work and strong vocals, but overshadowed by the previous two monstrous tracks, pun 100% intended. – 7.5/10

Deadline – Some mesmerizing bass work and keyboards kick off this song, the Blue Oyster Cult vocal style I know from Fear the reaper is present again and the track has a very atmospheric feel to it as a result. Overall a solid track – 8/10

The Marshall Plan – A live intro introduces the track but once the vocals kick in the crowd noise vanishes, clear vocals with the crowd reappearing throughout the track making it an interesting combination of clearly studio whilst having a live feeling to it. The smoke on the water riff makes an appearance. Fun track takes some risks and I like it. – 9/10

Hungry Boys – A third Vocalist appears on this track, fast paced but much simpler than the previous tracks it is a nice change but it feels a little out of place following the other tracks -7/10

Fallen Angel – A 4th vocalist is unveiled on this track, this band clearly is full of surprises, although of the vocalists this 4th is the weakest, but for some reason the vocals work really well for this track another simpler track but this one doesn’t really fits in overall. – 7.5/10

Lips In The Hills – A fast track ripping in with vicious sounding vocals, strong track instrumentation is on point. – 8/10

Unknown Tongue – Very sexualized song, and a strong one at that. It really is hard to describe it properly – 8/10

Overall Rating: 81%
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I'll update after I finish the first three Metallica albums, unleash Ghost comes first.