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I disagree immensely, but that’s obvious. I also love its placement on the record, it feels like the heart keeping the rest of the album pumping. The break into the riff after the outro to Jerusalem is killer and its own outro swings a boost of momentum into the opening of Machine Men. IDK, I love it and it’s my favorite solo Bruce track aside from Chemical Wedding.
@The Dissident has a very real chance of finishing 365 before the end of the year. @Diesel 11, however, really needs to step up his game.
Technically I have till January 19th... Assuming I can get done what I intend on getting done over the next month I'll finish potentially by the end of this calendar year.

Still no Angra (unless I've missed it)? Holy Land is my favourite album of the 90s, however harsh the competition is.

I haven't done it. I personally am only doing albums I own in hard copy of some sort and I don't have any Angra... but i'll add it to my list of albums to check a couple songs out from :)

Live Killers - Queen
Format: Vinyl

Initial Thoughts: Queen at the height of their powers from the 70s before their less desirable records were recorded. What more could you ask for... aside from somebody to love or some Fat Bottom Girls? - 10/10

Side 1: We Will Rock You (Fast)/Let Me Entertain You/Death On Two Legs/Killer Queen/Bicycle Race/I'm In Love With My Care/Get Down, Make Love/You're My Best Friend
The concert opens up with a short, punchier and faster version of We Will Rock You which kicks off the show with amazing energy and clearly would get any crowd on their feet. Great warm up track for the band and amazing work from all members. Let Me Entertain You comes in incredibly fast sounding quite heavy as May lets loose the guitar riff and Roger lays down some great drum-work. It is a good song for early in the setlist, having lots of energy and a good performance from Freddie and company. Death On Two legs opens with some censorship and the nice atmospheric introduction, the song gets a little heavier and displays a lot of Queens uniqueness. The chorus is good, although the song does feel like a little of the energy of the previous two songs is being lost quickly. Killer Queen transitions in which still loses some of the energy but the song was a hit and crowds would expect it at some point so its placement seems quite logical, Freddie sings it really well and Brian's guitar tone is absolutely fantastic. It soon transitions further into a very short version of Bicycle Race. The call and answer section feels quite heavy at first and the song is delivered quite well. It has occurred to me that the previous 3 songs likely were performed in a medley fashion in conjunction with the next track where Roger takes on the lead vocals. His vocals are high and raw and his drumming is great on his signature track. A fantastic track, silly yes but fantastic nonetheless. Following up the medley is the moody Get Down, Make Love Freddie sounds fantastic on the slower section before the band explodes with a ton of energy for the faster part, Freddie doesn't really get as energetic as I would have expected on that section. Brian has a nice spacey guitar solo which takes up a large chunk of the track. The only real downside of this track is Freddie energy on the faster sections, he feels out of place. You're My Best Friend closes off side 1, short and sweet this song is a nice mid tempo track which the band performs quite nicely.

We Will Rock You (Fast) - 9/10
Let Me Entertain You - 8.5/10
Death On Two Legs - 8/10
Killer Queen - 9/10
Bicycle Race - 9/10
I'm In Love With My Car - 9/10
Get Down, Make Love - 8.5/10
You're My Best Friend - 8.5/10
Side 1 - 69.5/80

Side 2: Now I'm Here/Dreamers Ball/Love Of My Life/39'/Keep Yourself Alive
Now I'm Here launches into side 2, a great early Queen track, high energy and amazing guitar work from Brian, the layered vocals the band is known for comes out here for the first time. The energy is infectious and fantastic, this version is lengthened to about twice the normal length by some extended solo sections and it displays the band's amazing musicianship behind their amazing frontman who does some great crowd interactions with the crowd before the band returns to the straightforward rocking closing off the Sheer Heart Attack track in fashion. Dreamers ball comes in and Freddie gets the crowd clapping along, it isn't a great Queen song to begin with but it is fairly nice here although a rather poor way to follow up such a high energy performance. Frankly Somebody To Love should have taken this spot... Love Of My Life comes in and Freddies opening notes send chills down my spine a great performance from Freddie and the audience participation is great as well. Fantastic sentimental ballad. Brian May introduces the band before letting Freddie sing lead vocals on 39' which is a nice shift although it would be nice to let Brian sing his song live. Upbeat and fun throughout, Freddie displays some really nice vocal chops on this track. Keep Yourself Alive closes off side 2, starting with a quick bell beat and the roaring guitar of Brian May. Fast paced with incredible energy, May's guitar and Taylor's drums sound immense here and Deacon's bass is well delivered as well. Freddie lets loose the vocals effortlessly.

Now I'm Here - 10/10
Dreamer's Ball -7/10
Love Of My Life - 9/10
39' - 9/10
Keep Yourself Alive - 10/10
Side 2 - 45/50

Side 3: Don't Stop Me Now/Spread Your Wings/Brighton Rock
Side 3 is kicked off by one of Queen's most upbeat tracks... once the piano intro is done that is, vocals are a little weaker here but still the song has plenty of energy throughout. This song would be absolutely unreal but the vocals feel really strained. Spread Your Wings comes in with a beautiful piano intro and then Freddie's voice begins to soar. The ballad does a great job featuring Freddie and Brian on vocals and guitar respectively. A great rendition. Brighton Rock comes in with a fury and the band manages to deliver the insanely fast and high vocals amazingly, Brian John and Roger are absolutely amazing on this track and they deliver one heavy performance of the track before letting Brian take the spotlight completely for his guitar solo spot and Roger for his drum solo spot. The solos extend the song just a little bit too long, specifically the drum solo spot. But as a whole it is a massive and amazing performance.

Don't Stop Me Now - 8.5/10
Spread Your Wings - 9.5/10
Brighton Rock - 9.5/10
Side 3 - 27.5/30

Side 4: Bohemian Rhapsody/Tie Your Mother Down/ Sheer Heart Attack/We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions/God Save The Queen
Bohemian Rhapsody opens with the introduction to Mustapha, it works really well as a segue into the piano intro of the essential Queen track. The fantastic track features a combination of Live performances and audio from the studio track due to the layering being too immense to actually create it in the live setting. I think it shows the bands integrity by not faking it on stage. A great performance. Tie Your Mother Down comes in quickly afterwords the high energy riff is so infectious it just fills you with energy. High and aggressive vocals mixed with furious guitar, bass and drums makes for an excellent set closer. The encore opens with Sheer Heart Attack, another high energy track which has a ton of high notes throughout I could of sworn it was Roger who sang it originally but Freddie takes lead on this track and delivers quite a good performance throughout. The beginning of the end is signaled by the introduction of We Will Rock You, a great live track and perfect for crowd participation, segueing into We Are The Champions the anthem fits so perfectly in the closing spot and ends the actual songs in style. God Save The Queen ends the album with an instrumental performance closing off the show, this could have been done over PA but it is still nice to see the band playing the song.

Bohemian Rhapsody - 10/10
Tie Your Mother Down - 10/10
Sheer Heart Attack - 9/10
We Will Rock You - 9/10
We Are The Champions - 9/10
God Save The Queen - 8/10
Side 4 - /60

Flow: For the most part everything flowed seamlessly throughout the album towards the end however the tracks became quite distinct in terms of which one isn't really an issue, and a few choices of where in the set songs occurred seemed slightly odd. - 9/10

Final Thoughts: A fantastic performance which should have featured the two aforementioned songs but still it was an amazing record. - 10/10

Overall 90%

Night Songs - Cinderella
Format: Vinyl

Side 1: Night Songs/Shake Me/Nobody's Fool/Nothin For Nothin'/ Once Around The Ride
The title track kicks off the debut album from glam rockers Cinderella, a heavier track than I expected considering Cinderella's reputation. The chorus is a little lacking but the verses and then guitar work are surprisingly good. The high note before the solo is quite impressive and the solo has the main riff continuing underneath it which is better than the solo but a strong way to kick off the album. Shake Me is introduced by a strong drum beat, some cowbell and the lead guitar coming in shortly after, this track is more along the commercial sound I was expecting but still has a more raw edge to it mainly contributed by Tom's lead vocal style having a fair bit of edge to it. This song embodies the high energy party feeling for the 80s with some of the more raw rocking which came before the glam scene. One of the two big hits from the band comes in next, Nobody's Fool opens very calm and Tom sings really clearly, the chorus is powerful and the verses are calm but sung really well. Shifting away from the commerical ballad back into the more upbeat rocking. Some really high high notes on this one. A solid track but not quite on par with the 3 which came before, the solo is quite enjoyable but not amazing. Once Around The Ride kicks off with some fairly nice guitar work before speeding up with some quick drum and bass work. At this point Tom's vocals are sounding more screechy and are getting a little wearing overall still fairly good but yea his style would shred the vocal chords.

Night Songs - 8.5/10
Shake Me - 8.5/10
Nobody's Fool - 9/10
Nothin' For Nothin' - 7/10
Once Around The Ride - 7.5/10
Side 1 -40.5/50

Side 2: Hell On Wheels/Somebody Save Me/In From The Outside/Push, Push/Back Home Again
Side 2 opens with some quick guitar and drum work. Hell On Wheels is a fast paced track with some more screechy vocals from Tom. The chorus is much better vocally than the verses and there is a rather nice and quick guitar solo. Somebody Save Me isn't quite as fast as the previous track but it comes in with some nice energy and slightly better vocal delivery. Another enjoyable track. In From The Outside for lack of more description is filler in a sense, not a bad listen but it really doesn't accomplish much. This song is more of what I had expected from the album, pop filled rock songs with accessible vocals and not much else too it. Push, Push is another short track. This one comes in with a nice intro riff, sleazy rock right here. It isn't too bad but yea it is clearly some filler with a nice solo. The album closes off with Back Home Again, which fades in and has some slightly heavier guitar work again off the start, Tom's vocals are really high and screamy here. Overall it is better than the rest of the side but not amazing.

Hell On Wheels - 7.5/10
Somebody Save Me - 7.5/10
In From The Outside - 7/10
Push, Push - 7.5/10
Back Home Again - 8/10
Side 2 - 37.5/50

Overall 78%

Angel Of Retribution - Judas Priest
Format: CD/Digital

Judas Rising - Fading in the opening track to this album shows that the reunited Judas Priest mean business. An incredible heavy riff Rob letting loose a brutal scream off the start and then the furious drums and that's just the first minute. Halford's low into high notes are amazing, this song is the perfect comeback song. The fact that this wasn't used as the opening track for the tour surprises me quite a bit but still wow amazing solos, brutal riffs, killer drums and heavy bass all behind Halford's amazing iron pipes. -10/10

Deal With The Devil - Coming in quickly in an effort to note lose any energy the second track has Halford singing lower than before, strong but not amazing this track has a lot of energy and could be a lot of fun live. Halford's vocals feel a little too low here, but he has ages quite a bit since Painkiller, the solo section is amazing and so well harmonized between Glenn and KK. - 9/10

Revolution - A low bass intro kicks off Revolution, vocals are lower once again and the chorus is based mostly on backing vocals. It has a solid solo section but as a whole it doesn't click together quite so well for me it is an enjoyable track but it isn't anywhere near the two previous in terms of sheer rock-ability - 7.5/10

Worth Fighting For - This next track comes in with a mid tempo beginning. The layered vocals work against this track a little for me. Halford's lower singing works but it begs the question how would it have sounded if it was a little bit higher? The guitar work is more laid back but it still has a lot of good moments throughout. - 8/10

Demonizer - Coming in with the rumbles of thunder before shifting back into a heavy rocking approach, faster and more aggressive than the last two. It has some drum machine sounding drums which frankly aren't something I like as they provide absolutely no variety. Strong riffing and Halford really suits the role with his lower vocals on this track. The solo is amazing and full of energy and Halford lets out some screams as the song ends. - 9/10

Wheels Of Fire - Slowing slightly the next track comes in with a good beat and some solid riffing. A strong performance by the whole band, once again the guitar duo display their chops on the solos which sound quite different but are both quite good. - 8.5/10

Angel - The title track comes in and it is a ballad of sorts, referencing their Sad Wings Of Destiny album, the song features are really good vocal performance from Rob, his voice soaring over the calm acoustic guitar. A very unique track and it is a very welcomed change. I will have to revisit this song since it has so many different aspects making it great. - 9/10

Hellrider - Another fade in introduction comes for Hallrider a longer track, heavy riffing and fast drumming. Rob sings darkly while teasing us with his near screams. His teasing soon becomes full screams and the band powers on with speedy riff and drum work which has once more become drum machine like at times. - 9/10

Eulogy - A heavy piano sounds and the band leads into the shortest track of the album Eulogy. A calm track which mostly serves for atmosphere and not a ton more. Rob sounds nice and it could be a really good album closer if it wasn't for the 13 minute track following it. - 8/10

Lochness - Transitioning from the previous track comes the final track of Judas Priest's reunion album. Lochness starts off slowly before having some in your face slow screaming guitar work. Rob comes in sounding great and the song clearly goes towards the Lochness monster if it wasn't already clear thats what it was about. Heavy and mighty Priest did a great job creating an epic track. - 9/10

Overall 87%

Rush - Rush
Format: CD/Digital

Finding My Way - Building in with some nice guitar work before Geddy lets loose a quick scream, then coming in more consistently. The guitar work is great off the start and the vocal delivery is very Zeppelin esc which really suits Geddy's voice quite well. A strong start to the bands debut album. Alex is the start of this track and Johns drumming is notably less intricate than Neil who would join following the album's release. - 9/10

Need Some Love - This next track lays off the heavy guitar a fair bit and shortens the length quite a bit. It doesn't have the same complexity as the previous track which is what really pulls me into Rush tracks. Geddy's vocals are fairly good here and there is a nice solo section but the rest of the song doesn't quite work as well. - 7.5/10

Take A Friend - Fading in with a drum/guitar-based intro Take A Friend is a mid paced track which doesn't improve upon the previous tracks issues, instead it doubles down a little on them and maintains the lighter approach. The guitar work on the solo once again is really good. But the rest is fairly forgettable. - 7/10

Here Again - The first of two 7 minute tracks on the album comes in with a bass filled intro from Geddy. Moody and calm this track feels like some of Zeppelin's slower tracks, although not done nearly as effectively. Geddy's voice is really suited to the bluesy style which the band is trying to achieve but the song feels its length. The lengthy solo is a highlight of this track. - 7.5/10

What You're Doing - A strong groove kicks of this track and Geddy sings quickly, the riff maintains this nice groove throughout as it pops up quite a bit as the track continues on. Geddy sings high but not in his normal or in the bluesy style it feels a little more like Steven Tyler? Not quite sure but the song does have a nice buildup into the guitar solo with some stronger drum support. - 8/10

In The Mood - Cowbell and some decent guitar work kicks off this next track. Rush aren't known for having the traditional style of rock lyrics. This song is very clearly an exception. It really doesn't suit their style of music and the song feels over simplified but it is fun an enjoyable at the same time. - 7.5/10

Before & After - Starting slow before building up over a fairly long introduction, it does eventually speed up but the track just takes too long to actually get going for me. The guitar work is incredible as per the rest of the album but as a whole it doesn't quite come together. - 7.5/10

Working Man - The album closes off with Working Man, one of the band's most well known tracks... or so I've been told as I have never heard this song before. A better track than the previous ones and it does feel more together than most of what has come before on the album. A strong solo is featured and the drumming gets a little more complex. The instrumental section is fairly long. - 9/10

Overall 79%
Adjusted 80%
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Seeing as I'll be seeing them tomorrow... and the album is super short


Live At Leeds - The Who
Format: Vinyl

Initial Thoughts: I know this came off the Tommy tour... not a single song from Tommy is on the original instead 3 cover tracks and 3 of the band's biggest tracks from the 60s. - 8/10

Side 1: Young Man Blues/Substitute/Summertime Blues/Shakin' All Over
The Who Open up their first live album with a cover called Young Man Blues. A jams filled track with some strong vocals from Roger but overall a strong performance full of energy and there is absolutely no crowd noise but the song is clearly live. Substitute comes in next and the band delivers the classic track in a quick and energetic fashion and the song feels genuinely like The Who, unlike the previous track which felt a little forced personally. There was silence between the two tracks which could have been left out since it is a live record after all. A great performance of Substitute. The next two tracks are also cover tracks the first is Summertime Blues, a stronger performance on this track than the previous cover but still it seems slightly disjointed without that Who touch to it. A good vocal performance, with some strong guitar work from Townsend. Side 1 closes off with Shakin' All Around, a good cover once again and this one feels the most like The Who but still something has to be said to how comfortable the band feels with their own material as shown by Substitute. It has some nice vocal delivery.

Young Man Blues -7.5/10
Substitute - 9/10
Summertime Blues - 8/10
Shakin' All Over - 8.5/10
Side 1 - 33/40

Side 2: My Generation/Magic Bus
Side two is comprised of two of The Who's biggest hits, both of which are extended a fair bit. My Generation is the first up and Roger sounds super recognizable on this one, featuring some strong vocals and guitar work. The band starts by playing the song fairly true to the original, before transitioning into some sections of See Me Feel Me, among other tracks which helps keep the listener engaged. A strong upbeat performance but it leaves the listener wanting more as there are moments where the song's added length begins to really feel dragged out. There are some rather heavy moments throughout which helps to show just how versatile the band was in their youth. The final song on the album is Magic Bus, only extended to twice the normal length of the original version, a strong performance but once again a little too drawn out for me as a whole. A good vocal performance and the harmonies are quite nice as well.

My Generation - 8/10
Magic Bus - 8.5/10
Side 2 - 16.5/20

Flow: The album didn't flow nicely, some songs were far too drawn out and the sheer amount of covers on a live record where you have access to the entirety of Tommy and 7 other tracks played really makes 3 covers making the live record a little redundant. - 6.5/10

Final Thoughts: The performances were really good but as stated far too many covers. - 8/10

Overall 80%

Currently 2 days behind Schedule for the January 19th deadline... 21 days behind if attempting to complete by end of 2019

Dying For The World - W.A.S.P.
Format: CD/Digital

Shadow Man - Heavy and dark the album dedicated to 911 victims opens up with a song heavy enough to convey the darkness of the events. Blackie sounds a little older here which makes sense since the last album I've heard from the band was written 10 years prior. His voice however remains full of power and grit. A fairly good way to kick off the album, the song feels like it is about to end halfway through before the guitar solo gets going. - 8/10

My Wicked Heart - Fading in from the previous track, picking up the pace and becoming slightly more clear vocally. Blackie lets out some strong wails and the band behind him is fast and clear. There is some production issues but as a whole the song isn't really hampered too much. There is a section towards the end where the vocals are dialed back before the guitar solo which doesn't make a ton of sense to me but the solo that follows is quite good. The chorus is good and Blackie really shows his power despite being in the industry for nearly 20 years. - 9/10

Black Bone Torso - A very short song opens with the title being said twice before calm guitar and bass work serves as a bridge towards Blackie coming back in. This album is showing the first signs of Blackie's religious side from what I've heard, it really is diving into the Christ figure and is very linked to 911. A dark song which doesn't really do too much throughout but serves as a nice short break from the heavy assault while not losing the mood of the album thus far. - 7/10

Hell For Eternity - Coming in furious and aggressive Hell For Eternity is a strong and fast rocker which really picks the energy back up tremendously but it does suffer from production issues. The guitars run together quite a bit and Blackie's howls seem a little muddled in the mix. As a whole the song is enjoyable but not amazing due to these two factors. Amazing solo - 7.5/10

Hallowed Ground - A very calm intro leads into the song which made me buy the album. Hallowed Ground would be a perfect opener for a concert, slowly building up before exploding with all the rage in an absolutely amazing chorus. Blackie lets loose some amazing wails here and the solo is great. This song is a work of art from start to finish and sadly has never been played live which is an absolute shame. - 10/10

Revengeance - Coming in faster and just as heavy as the previous track Revengeance is a strong riff driven track which doesn't let up at all throughout. Blackie continues to sound incredibly angry. Another strong solo is featured here. Overall another good track - 8.5/10

Trail Of Tears - Shifting back to calm similar to Hallowed Ground, slowly building a militant drum beat comes in, the song feels like it could break at any moment as Blackie sings over the drums and calm guitar. The guitar does pick up a little but the song doesn't become unhinged as one would expect at this point. A lot of build up for no payoff. - 7/10

Stone Cold Killers - This track very quickly references the album title and does a good job returning to form with aggressive rocking. A fairly good track with another good performance from all members of the band. - 8/10

Rubberman - I consider this song the final one of the album, since really as great as Hallowed Ground is I don't know why there needs to be 2 versions on a single album. Alas I will review both. A strong heavy rocker with a blistering solo once again. Blackie sounds great and he kicks some major ass on this track as a whole. But wow is that solo one of the best on the album. - 8.5/10

Hallowed Ground (Take #5) - Closing off with a slightly longer version of Hallowed Ground. Starting off the same as the previous version of the song. The chorus is much calmer on this track as it remains acoustic to close it all off. It doesn't convey the anger as strongly but it works really well in other ways. - 9.5/10

Overall 83%

Pure Instinct - Scorpions
Format: CD/Digital

Wild Child - The Scorpions kick off their follow up to Face The Heat with Wild Child. A pop fueled rocker which really is quite endearing and catchy. Falling outside of the classic era this song is less polished feeling than many of the hits which came before it but wow does this song kick but and deserve far more recognition. It could easily be a great live track and it features a good performance from Klaus and the guitar work is fairly raw by Scorpions standards. It starts off the album very promisingly... - 9.5/10

But The Best For You - Starting off in a way which could go fast or slow, the song soon shifts into a ballad of sorts, which based on the album's reputation it isn't expected. The chorus is a little more upbeat but Klaus's vocals aren't as amazing on the song which is a shame since he has such amazing pipes that this song doesn't really show them off since while a full album of ballads isn't a good thing if they are strong it is far better. The dynamics of the song does make it an enjoyable ballad. - 7.5/10

Does Anybody Know - Another ballad follows up, Klaus sounds pretty good off the start it is a calm ballad once again without much explosivity, not super strong in terms of pulling you in. A pleasent song. I find it funny that both the first albums with Mikkey Dee and James Kottack are mainly ballad albums at least in Mikkey's case it was a complilation album... - 7/10

Stone In My Shoe - A more upbeat track comes in which is a very welcome change at this point. Klaus sounds okay here. A decently catchy song with some good drum and guitar work throughout. It will never be a home run song like Blackout, Dynamite or Rock You Like A Hurricane but this song is a good shift in pacing. - 8.5/10

Soul Behind The Face - An odd intro leads into track #5, Klaus sings softly and the lyrics hit hard and are incredibly thoughtful showing just how great lyricists Scorpions can be when they want to be. This song remains fairly low-key and it would make a good unplugged track. - 8/10

Oh Girl (I Wanna Be With You) - Coming in quite pop filled before going into a mid paced track, it is a fairly decent track. Chorus is catchy and very Scorpions esc but the song is really just a faster paced ballad... - 7.5/10

When You Came Into My Life - Another ballad, a fairly strong one. Klaus sings quite well and the lyrics continue to be really good on the fully fledged ballads. It doesn't pull you in as much as it really could. It is a good song. Also over half way and at best we are 50% non-ballads...- 7.5/10

Where The River Flows - Another upbeat ballad, chorus is rather thin and the pacing of this track doesn't really work for me. It is trying ot not be a ballad while being one. The solo is nice and melodic and the song has a nice beat to it but the lyrics and vocal delivery don't match it. - 6.5/10

Time Will Call Your Name - Yea I'm getting really annoyed by the never ending ballads marathon. I usually love Scorpions ballads but wow when they come non-stop for 50 minutes it does defeat their purpose. Once again this isn't a bad ballad it just doesn't have their touch. - 7/10

You And I - This ballad however has all the elements of a perfect Scorpions ballad. Opening up with a beautiful guitar solo introduction before Klaus sings softly with emotion. An absolutely amazing and underrated Scorpions track. Amazing chorus and fantastic guitar work throughout. - 10/10

Are You The One? - The final song on the album is the shortest and it opens with some violins which signals yet another ballad. It references We'll Burn The Sky which helps its case. This song is really low key but closes off the album nicely while not really being all that amazing. - 7/10

Overall 78%

A decent collection of songs but wow are there far too many ballads on here

75% complete
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Caress Of Steel - Rush
Format: CD/Digital

Bastille Day - Rush's third album kicks off with a more direct rock track, Bastille day depicts the storming of Bastille and the start of the french revolution. Geddy sings fairly high and strong. The guitar and bass interlude is quite good the song could be a little more upbeat but the tempo works quite well as it is as well. - 8/10

I Think I'm Going Bald - A nice and catchy guitar lick leads into a fairly silly track, originally written for Kim Mitchell this song doesn't sound like a normal Rush track but it also doesn't sound out of place and the band play quite well despite the silliness of the track, a good solo section. - 7.5/10

Lakeside Park - Track 3 is the final shorter track on the album before the band lets their creative juices flow, another fairly enjoyable track but it is lacking something to make is stronger. Overall quite pleasant and enjoyable but not amazing. - 7.5/10

The Necromancer - This song opens up with very calm guitar work, it feels like it could be a Zeppelin track from either Houses of The Holy or Physical Graffiti. A spoken word segment begins the first section before Geddy sings equally as calmly as the band plays, his voice sounds really strong here easily the best performance thus far on the album. The guitars cry out once he has finished his section. The second section opens with another spoken word segment. Geddy sings far less calmly here and the band gets darker almost playing in a call and answer style however the song really hasn't done much in the past 5 and a half minutes. A solo ensues which is the most entertaining part thus far and it carries the song into the third section. Once more a spoken word intro brings in the next section, the third and final section begins calmly and it shares the story of the necromancer being killed it really feels too calm for the subject matter being sung. This song has some amazing moments but as a whole it doesn't pay off - 7/10

The Fountain Of Lamneth - The final song of the album is the first of Rush's side spanning epics, provided this was actually on vinyl. Divided into 6 subsections this song kicks off with a strong track which feels very Rush like Geddy sings incredibly well and quickly in some cases as the song has an ebb and flow to it. This would have been a good individual song and starts the medley quite well. The second chunk comes in following quite a distinct end from the previous segment, it is primarily a drum solo which I really don't see the point behind including one on the album unless it comes up naturally which this does not. That being said Neil is an amazing drummer. Segment 3 also comes in after a distinct end which tells me this song will not flow from one to the other and could have simply been divided up as separate songs for ease of listening while remaining in the same order. The third section is fairly good opening and closing with the sounds of seagulls and has some rather strong guitar work. Segment 4 is calm with Geddy singing over lyrics which he had written, his singing is good here and the calm atmosphere continues to remind me of Zeppelin. Segment number 5 is also written by Lee, it is at this point why I'm really getting a full grasp of why the band weren't fans of this epic. It is so disconnected and 2112 from their next album is so much more cohesive. As a whole the song is too long and isn't a sum of its parts, individually the first and third could have been good songs but 2, and 4 would need work and 5 sits as pretty decent. The sixth and final segment comes in with a powerful riff as the previous fades out and it once again feels like it could be a proper Rush song from the intro alone. Geddy does his high and fast singing style again before the song calms back down then picking up following a verse. A pretty good ending. - 7.5/10

Overall 75%

Dookie - Green Day
Format: CD/Digital

Burnout - Coming in quickly and full of attitude Green Day kicks off their 3rd album with a short and direct rocker which doesn't let up in its short 2 minute runtime. Billie sounds decent here not mindblowing but good nonetheless. The band is quick and fairly simple but the song does kick but and the drum breakdown section is a nice shift. - 8.5/10

Having A Blast - Track two comes in and doesn't loose any of the energy of the previous track. Billie's vocals seem like he doesn't want to be singing in some places but the energy put on by the band is quite good throughout. Not as good as the first track but still pretty decent - 7/10

Chump - This song once more continues the fast paced rocking, it doesn't change too much from the previous track but does about the same in terms of delivering an enjoyable listen. Billy sounds more into this track at times. Not entirely my preferred style from Green day but still good to hear where they started and how they changed over time. - 7.5/10

Longview - Coming in seamlessly from the previous track Longview has a nice walking bass line. A fairly decent and enjoyable track - 7.5/10

Welcome To Paradise - A rerecorded track from their previous album the 5th track of the album is upbeat and high energy like the previous ones. It does pull me in a little more than the past few. A bass solo is featured in the middle of this track before the band comes back in for the grand finale. - 8/10

Pulling Teeth - Shortening the track length from already short lengths to compact and direct. Pulling teeth doesn't have much to it, the band harmonizes here decently and the energy is fairly good. - 7/10

Basket Case - A very well known track from the band, the quick punchy track has a fair bit of energy and is well delivered by the gang and it explodes into a faster rocker following the introduction. It is a song which doesn't feel too far removed from their 2000s material but at the same time is clearly much more direct and is very effective for what it is. - 8.5/10

She - Starting calm, this song is regarding an ex of Billie and I honestly expected it to be a calm acoustic track clearly the rest of the album hasn't taught me very much... A solid track throughout with a bit of a scream just past the halfway mark which I really didn't expect. - 7.5/10

Sassafras Roots - Continuing fast this track is really showing the lack of varying sounds from the band at this point. I would say the band should cut some filler but the album clocks in under 40 minutes so there really isn't that much room to remove stuff from it. - 7.5/10

When I Come Around - Slowing slightly the next track is another radio staple from the band's early days. The best of the 3 songs which I have heard prior to this listen. A fun track and a nice change of pace without feeling out of place. A good performance. - 9/10

Coming Clean - An incredibly short track with a bit of punch to it. Not really much to it, it sounds like many of the previous songs but with a little less of it to listen to. There is a nice guitar/drum interlude. - 8/10

Emenius Sleepus - Continuing the super short punchy track trend comes a the only track written not by Billie in terms of lyrics... aside from the hidden track that is. Short and direct. Not much else to say... - 7.5/10

In The End - Faster than the most of the previous tracks, very much drum driven and full of harmonies this track has a lot of energy jammed into it and it does a decent job as a whole. - 7.5/10

F.O.D. - The final song comes in calmly and I think it is actually gonna be the acoustic track I've been expecting for the vast majority of the album it isn't that great as an acoustic but the band does let it pick up closing off the album [excluding the hidden track] with some strong energy but doesn't feel cohesive as a track to me. - 7/10

Overall 77%

Rock Or Bust - AC/DC
Format: CD/Digital

Rock Or Bust - The title track kicks off AC/DC's latest album. A very short album began by a rather short track. The Young brothers deliver their power chords and Brian sounds fairly good the song however doesn't have a ton of variation to it, it is commercial but not flashy. - 7/10

Play Ball - One of the main singles from the album comes in next, this song features a little more energy off the start but the power chords take a bit of the backseat. It has a nice beat to bob your head along to, and the chorus is fairly catchy - 8/10

Rock The Blues Away - This song has the whole AC/DC feel in terms of attitude of being quite carefree and positive. I'm surprised it wasn't a one of the radio staples from the album seeing as it was released as a single. The best song thus far and quite an enjoyable one at that. The power chords are well delivered and Brian continues to sound good. The song however is much lighter than the AC/DC of old. - 8/10

Miss Adventure - A strong intro with some shouting leads into the first non-single from the album. Chorus is weak and super unoriginal. The AC/DC gang aren't known for their harmonies for a reason, so why have a massive harmonized cry from the band for the chorus. - 6.5/10

Dogs Of War - Starting slow and building this song reminds me a bit of War Machine based on the intro alone... This song is a prime example of what the majority of AC/DC's catalog following Back In Black/For Those About To Rock is known for. Being not a bad listen but not really that great as a whole. - 7/10

Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder - A nice intro riff pulls you in before the song slows and Brian sings well mumbles a little bit. His vocals improve but the song isn't really that great. - 7/10

Hard Times - More of the same here - 7/10

Baptism By Fire - Upbeat and with a catchy riff this song adds a little spark to the album which it has been lacking. It is by no means on par with any of their classics but on a fairly boring album this song sticks out as one which does a good job at entertaining the listener. - 7.5/10

Rock The House - Opening ala Black Dog and the song continues on this trend but far less effectively. I think the Youngs were running low on ideas at this point since they have already self parodied far too much. Yea the song doesn't even try to veil the black dog parody. - 6.5/10

Sweet Candy - Better than the previous songs, still not amazing. but definitely better than the parody - 7/10

Emission Control - The album closes with the longest track on the album clocking in a whopping 3:41, yea it is no better than the bunch here. A boring song which really only exists to add length to the album and make sure AC/DC have a new album to tour behind. - 7/10

Overall 71%

A Kind Of Magic - Queen
Format: CD/Digital

One Vision - A very odd and distorted intro leads into a pop filled rocker with some fantastic lyrics from the band and a great vocal performance from Freddie who would stop touring following this album's tour. A very dynamic and intricate track with varying tempos and delivery styles some of which I don't really see the point for but it makes the track very memorable and unique. The chorus is great and all about coming together which is something frankly this world has needed for a long time. - 9/10

A Kind Of Magic - The title track comes in 2nd and Freddie sings in the background with the band's harmonies saying the title of the song being more in the forefront, Brian has some nice guitar work but the real driving force here is John Deacon's bass. I've never been a huge fan of this song it has some great moments but it doesn't click as a complete track for me. - 7.5/10

One Year's Love - Freddie sings over the incredibly calm intro to this track, it has a fairly good emotive performance from Freddie but it lacks the instrumentation to really make the emotions pull you through and into the song. It does reference the next track which is a nice way to make the album feel more connected than just a collection of random songs. - 7/10

Pain Is So Close To Pleasure - Slightly better instrumentation for the song on this track but it as a whole doesn't come together super well for me. Freddie sings in falsetto and it is pretty decent. It has a feeling of You're My Best Friend at times. - 7/10

Friends Will Be Friends - More upbeat than the previous track with a nice chorus and fairly good delivery. And overall is a fairly enjoyable track I just wish it was a little more upbeat since it has followed 3 relatively slower tracks in a row and could be a strong anthemic track. But the slower tempo also works quite well and Brian's calm guitar solo is incredibly well fitting. - 8/10

Who Wants To Live Forever - This song is absolutely amazing. Yes it is another calm track but it is sheer perfection, Freddie and Brian's vocals are amazing and the song is incredibly emotional. The introduction hits like an emotional truck the soft vocals and instrumentation allows the emotions to flow out. Freddie coming in with the drums adds more emotions before culminating in the final brutal chorus. - 10/10

Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme) - A guitar solo opens up the next track, it is fairly heavy and easily is the heaviest song thus far on the album. Freddie sounds quite viscous on this track I didn't realize how strongly his voice would transfer over into a heavier style of music since his vocal style is so effective for the normal Queen rock style but this shows his pure amazing versatility and the band's as well. - 9/10

Don't Lose Your Head - Coming in with some synth and drums and what I believe is a guest vocalist and Freddie, an amazing vocal and an upbeat performance from the band. This song has some nice experimental elements but it doesn't stray from delivering a good track from all involved. - 8.5/10

Princes Of The Universe - Harmony filled introduction and a powerful delivery from Freddie. The man could sing so well. The drumbeat from Roger is immense and hits hard and heavy. The tempo shift is welcome making the song which is fairly short feel much more epic and lengthy while not deteriorating any of the enjoyment away. - 8.5/10

Overall 83%

Very back sided but wow was that 2nd half a breath of fresh air compared to most of the first.

The Scarecrow - Avantasia
Format: CD/Digital

Twisted Mind - A dark intro opens up the third full length album from German metal supergroup Avantasia, the song is heavier in feeling than their metal opera album and more geared towards what they would become more known for in recent years. The dark guitar work is quite suiting for this song. Vocally not amazing but pretty strong and well delivered in conjunction with the heavier guitar work. The lyrics are quite twisted in some points and as a whole the song is quite good. - 8.5/10

The Scarecrow - The title track comes in 2nd, the only track whose length exceeds the 7 minute mark and this one reaches into the nearly 12 minute range. Opening with a very scottish/folk sound before becoming heavier and very soon establishes itself as a worthy title track and of its run time. This song has wonderful classical elements to it mixed in with the fantastic rocking. Tobi's vocals on the chorus feel a little strained to hit the high notes but they work fairly well by the same token and do a great job. An incredibly dynamic track with amazing performances throughout and it merges enough of the early material with the new sounds and darkness. - 10/10

Shelter From The Rain - The fastest song yet comes in with some drumming which frankly doesn't do all that much for me. Strong vocals and very quick guitar work. The instruments tend to blend together and it lowers my enjoyment quite a bit. But these guest vocallists do a great job trading off and delivering some convincing vocal performances throughout. - 7.5/10

Carry Me Over - Slowing down, with some ballad like opening lyrics, the song doesn't pull you in sentimentally like a ballad nor does it rock hard and heavy like the band's rock tracks do. It does a decent job sitting in the middle but the song doesn't wow me. - 7/10

What Kind Of Love - Another slow intro introduces the first female guest singer on the album, a really great and soft vocal performance and unlike the previous ballad both guests deliver amazing vocals which really pull you into the song and deliver a phenominal vocal performance upon some highly orchestrated. - 8/10

Another Angel Down - Picking the pace back up, a fairly decent track throughout nice melodic guitar playing with a strong driving tempo. The story of the Scarecrow being told from the two parts of his insane mind adds a lot of dynamics to this track and Jorn delivers some great vocals with Tobias. The chorus is direct and strong. - 8/10

The Toy Master - Alice Cooper comes in as the Toy Master on the track of the same name. A fitting role for the theatrical rocker. Alice sounds pretty good his very unique vocals being instantly recognizable, I would have liked a bit more rasp in his vocals instead of how clean they are in this song but he still delivers quite a good performance. The harmonies between Alice and Tobi are quite good and as a whole the song is fairly good. - 8/10

Devil In The Belfry - The speed shifts back into full throttle for the next track, some more nice harmonized guitars are here and the drumming is actually sounding human, with Tobi and Jorn delivering some. Great battling vocals - 8/10

Cry Just A Little - Another ballad comes in, the introduction is fantastic but the portion where the tempo shifts to a little quicker doesn't have the same emotional pull that it did prior to picking up as a whole the song has a lot of potential which was acted upon a little too much. - 7.5/10

I Don't Believe In Your Love - A fairly decent rocking track featuring Rudolf Schenker on lead guitar. The vocals are sounding fairly strained here by comparison to the start of the album. It isn't a bad song by any means but it doesn't quite have the same pull to it as the earlier ones did. - 7.5/10

Lost In Space - The final song on the album was originally on an EP of the same name released a little before the album. A very different vocal delivery with a easy and catchy chorus. It closes off the album nicely but it does feel like it doesn't quite belong with the rest of the album. - 8/10

Overall 80%