Will there be any kind of "Making of Book of Souls"?

Somebody new

Well, will there?

As far as I know, there were no mentions about it. I guess it's because of the situation when the album was made (Bruce sickness). Or it could be they completely dissed the idea from the begining - I remember Janick's interview this summer where he said they wouldn't bow to current music business where bands release tons and tons additional material before the release of the album (like lyric videos nowdays). And I respect them for that. From his interview I didn't even expect the single to come out before the album.

Still, I would love to see the "making of" from this album. Last one, there were some material (making of "The Final Frontier" video and official interviews about the album) which were cool, but I absolutely loved those two before them (Dance of Death and A Matter of Life and Death). I've watched Making of AMOLAD a dozen times and I still find it interesting, and same goes for Dance of Death.

I expect there will be some DVD release about current tour with both live and backstage footage (if you consider Boeing 747 a backstage), but in my opinion, it would be shame if they have some video material from studio and don't release it, considering the grandiosity of "Book of Souls".


Prince of the Final Frontier
The album was done before Bruce had his ordeal. Or at the very least it wasnt a concern during the recording of the album. Still it would cool to see some footage. The AMOLAD album had a making of dvd and it's really great to see the creative process unfold.


Ancient Mariner
I doubt there will be, if they made one it would have been part of a deluxe (or deluxer) CD when the album came out or posted on the official website around then to try to gain more interest in the album.


Ancient Mariner
Also Steve had a tough time while they made the album, so maybe that was a another reason why they didn't make a documentary.