Gear used and instrument sound on TBOS


Ancient Mariner
For all instrument geeks... Here is a thread in which we can discuse the gear and sound of instruments on TBOS.

So far I learned that:

Dave Murray and Adrian Smith went away from using Marshalls. Dave switched to Victory V100's and H switched to some kind of Blackstar amps (probably HT 100's EL-34 loaded). Janick wasn't advetorous and used his touring rig.

Dave took the changes one step further and used 3 Les Pauls exclusively. A 60's Les Paul Classic, a sunburst ES-Les Paul and a Les Paul Axcess with Seymour Duncan JB-59 pickup combination.

Steve's bass gear has been the same for at least 100 years and that was probably used.
I think the last good drum sound I heard was on FOTD. The cleanest had to be BNW but of course as always with Kevin there is no connection to the rest of the mix...I mean the drums are way front. But still it would be good to have some info on Nicko's kit for the album.
I agree, his toms sound like crap, dull and undefined. There's barely any difference in tone between them.