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    Least favourites on Senjutsu

    Least favorites on Senjutsu
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    Ultimate Metal Album Timeline Draft Thing

    That's funny because I do a podcast (link in my signature) and we recently did an episode about drafting songs/bands/albums with Jesus in the name. What makes it funny is that we were talking about hockey (like Puck Soup!) for the first few minutes. I have read those guys for years following...
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    Ultimate Metal Album Timeline Draft Thing

    What podcast, btw?
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    Ultimate Metal Album Timeline Draft Thing

    Hard rock: Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold as Love (1967) Classic metal: Dio - Holy Diver (1983) Thrash metal: Metallica - Master of Puppets (1986) Progressive metal: Rush - Clockwork Angels (2012) Power metal: Sanctuary - Into the Mirror Black (1990) Death metal: Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder...
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    Least favourites on Senjutsu

    I agree on both counts. Unfortunately, I can't figure out to change the thread's title.
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    Least favourites on Senjutsu

    The complementary poll to your favorites off Senjutsu. Again, first impressions only and this poll closes in a month. I have limited it to just two choices on account of 1) this is MaidenFANS and 2) have you heard this album? What are your least favorite songs off of Senjutsu?
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    How old were you when you started listening to Maiden and which 3 albums did you buy first?

    I have a story that parallels mckindog with a bit of Jer thrown in. I started listening to Maiden when I was 10--Piece of Mind was their latest and I dubbed it off a friend. At the time I was into Rush, Quiet Riot, Scorpions, Triumph, U2 and Van Halen--mostly due to a friend's older brother who...
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    A theory regarding Maiden History part 4

    Seriously, they added a third leg AFTER they recorded The Parchment.
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    Initial Favorites Off Senjutsu

    Let's hope!
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    Initial Favorites Off Senjutsu

    The Parchment ended up being the last song I heard from the album and it is my runaway favorite. Reminds me a lot of To Tame a Land. The solos are all great, there are parts that are repetitive, but they don't feel like doing math homework. The Darkest Hour is #2 for me. Sounds more like a...
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    Initial Favorites Off Senjutsu

    What are you initial favorite songs after your first few listens to Senjutsu? I'm only keeping this open a couple weeks and you can't change your vote--initial impressions only!
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    Rank Dave Murray

    I voted for bottom Dave:innocent:
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    Lost In A Lost World

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    Countdown to Senjutsu. 17 albums in 17 days.

    Obvious to everyone except the person who came up with the 2010 setlist.
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    The MAIDEN Years: 2018/19/20/21/22/ad infinitum (Rock in Rio and Nights of the Dead)

    I am constantly surprised that Face in the Sand is not more well-liked. I find it to be one of the greatest reunion era songs and much better than Dance of Death and certainly Paschendale--the latter I find to be very disjointed and jarring--easily my favorite on the album. As for the Early...