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    Have you heard, have you heard? Iron Maiden and quotes

    The really tricky bit in To Tame a Land is clearly based on the classical piece Asturias by Isaac Albeniz Check it out here, played by Tal Hurwitz
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    Who’s Read what of Iron Maiden’s literary source material?

    One Million Years B.C. I actually watched this a few months back (going through all 78 Hammer Horror / fantasy films in order) being a huge Hammer fan This was difficult to watch though, I have to admit!
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    Who’s Read what of Iron Maiden’s literary source material?

    I read Lord of the Flies in School for English Literature classes, and yes it was over-analysed The same for Midwich Cuckoo (I loved the fact that it was sy-fi, as I had no idea from the title and the teacher never gave us any clues before we actually started reading it in class) I also read...
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    Black Sabbath

    Dehumanizer is a great album. By the way, isn't it Vinny Appice on drums though?
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    New (old) Iron Maiden tour shirts released

    And I reserve the right to moan. It was called a UK tour, not an English tour. If they played in Wales I could have gone with some friends, but on my own to London. Kind of spoils the experience. But no big deal now.
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    Official 2020 Tour Thread

    Yeah thanks, I was working through the posts and just saw that. ;)
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    Official 2020 Tour Thread

    I don't see it either
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    Official 2020 Tour Thread

    What if they decide to call the new album "Legacy of the Beast"? The next tour would be LOTB and promoters can't say anything about it. I bet Rod is considering it already!
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    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    Sorry if this has been posted before. I found this video wierd but fascinating at the same time!
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    Twilight Zone/Wrathchild single release date

    Don't believe the "written on a napkin before the show" rubbish from Di'Anno though. He sang the exact same lyrics at the Reading Festival in August of that year. You can hear it on Eddies Archives. Reading festival looked like a great line up that year. Just noticed that in the Mama's Boys...
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    Twilight Zone/Wrathchild single release date

    Yes that seems unusual practice for the time. No idea why. And the rear of the single references the "new" album, rather than the "forthcoming" album:
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    Maiden - Legacy of the Beast game Eddies

    That Eddie is well overdue! ;)
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    Iron Maiden stage Eddies (big and walk on) over the years

    When I saw the original WST in 1984 we didn't have the big Eddie in the UK, so we had the walk on mummy Eddie during Iron Maiden instead. Also, for the 1986 SOT tour we didn't have the cyborg walk-on Eddie at all, just the inflatable big Eddie. I was really surprised to see videos and pics...
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    Iron Maiden pictures

    I seem to remember that pic in a fan club magazine. I only have the magazines from around 83 to 86. I remember thinking I'd never get to go the bar (as a teenager at the time) but happily I made a trek there a few years back.
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    Steve Harris

    When I click on "Read more" for British Lion on the official Maiden site my Anti Virus is saying there is some dodgy code on the page. Hmmmm........ I wonder what's going on?