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    I've only seen The Scorpions once, back in 1985 supporting Deep Purple at Knebworth (a 1 day festival, along with Meat Loaf, UFO, Blackfoot, Mountain, Mamas Boys and Alaska). They blew me away but I have never seen them since. The set list was amazing! Check out this page for the whole...
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    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    No doubt the bill will be going to the Bonamassa camp
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    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    Thought he would have had top travel insurance for this kind of thing
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    Thin Lizzy

    I bought it from Amazon, they still have copies ;)
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    Thin Lizzy

    You may want to listen to the release below. It really breathes life into the songs from the first 3 albums especially. I actually prefer the versions on this cd .... so much energy! Also, it's interesting to hear Eric Bell's take on the track "Suicide", way before the Fighting album ;)
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    Judas Priest

    Yeah, a Maiden one would be ace. This is the closest I could find, but it's not as good as the JP episode as it is with the guitar tech, not Dave:
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    Maiden - Legacy of the Beast game Eddies

    49 .... I am not far off then! I know I need the two Angel and the Gambler Eddies, the Shadow Wicker-man Eddie, Executioner Eddie, Samurai Eddie and also Samurai Emperor Eddie. Can't think of the others at the moment though. I'll have to take another look at all your posts ;)
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    Maiden - Legacy of the Beast game Eddies

    Oh definitely less than 100. I would think 50 to 60 maybe?
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    Nicko McBrain

    Now you are just being silly. It's king size premium quality toilet roll. Obviously. -_-
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    Maiden - Legacy of the Beast game Eddies

    I managed to get Aces Bomber Eddie on day 1 ..... really lucky! I am now at 41 different Eddies .... not sure how many are available in total though.
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    Here we go again...Iron Maiden sued over the rights of 6 songs

    Well, on the Twilight Zone artwork, the photo from Eddie says "To Charlotte, all my Love, Eddie xxxx" , so I would say there was meant to be a romance there somewhere!
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    The Thin Red Line is indeed ace. I mentioned before that I would love to hear Maiden cover it as b-side. Great atmosphere!
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    Adrian Smith

    .... and Steve's dream is true .....
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    Plus we have Live at Donington 1983 and 1987 double cd. (I was at the 1987 show too!)
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    Iron Maiden stage Eddies (big and walk on) over the years

    Do you reckon that the Virtual XI walk-on Eddie was the same as the Eddie on the album cover? Kind of looks like a generic Eddie to me, as I never really made the connection with the V XI cover. Maybe I haven't seen a good enough video / picture though.