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    Book Of Souls: Rate each song out of 10, give an overall rating!

    If Eternity Should Fail - 10 Speed of Light - 7 The Great Unknown - 9 The Red and the Black - 10 When the River Runs Deep - 8 The Book of Souls - 9 Death or Glory - 9 Shadows of the Valley 8.5 Tears of a Clown - 8 The Man of Sorrows - 6.5 Empire of the Clouds - 10 There's a short, "filler" song...
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    Maiden old or new

    If you put me on the spot, I'd have to say new. I have been listening to Maiden since I was 4 years old (No Prayer was my first album), but it wasn't until Brave New World was released and Bruce came back that I became a true diehard. I've followed them since then with intense fanaticism and...
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    Make a Setlist With your 2 Favorite Iron Maiden Albums

    1) Wicker Man 2) Ghost of the Navigator 3) The Mercenary 4) Heaven Can Wait 5) Brave New World 6) Caught Somewhere in Time 7) Blood Brothers 8) Wasted Years 9) The Nomad 10) Deja-vu 11) Sea of Madness 12) Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner 13) The Fallen Angel 14) Dream of Mirrors 15) (Iron...
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    Most underated songs

    You're a swine. I just spent an hour jamming trying to compose worthy segueways between each song. I enjoyed it, mind.
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    A Bit Of "Beyond Magnetic" From Maiden?

    I would. I don't mind admitting it.
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    New book

    "...and the bill came to £666" etc etc. What will this one have that others don't?
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    Iron Maiden - EN VIVO - Live from Estadio Nacional, Santiago!!

    I've just finished the Blu-ray now. I'm with UpTheIrons in that the TFF songs are absolutely astounding. The Talisman made me shed a few big man tears at how powerful and emotional the chorus was. El Dorado has pure electricity to it. Furthermore, I think songs like 2 Minutes to Midnight and...
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    Maiden England Tour 2012/2013!

    You get yourself close enough to the front and it's all Maiden diehards. Festival gigs always have better atmosphere than the arenas in my opinion too.
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    Maiden England Tour 2012/2013!

    Run to the Hills didn't make that tour either did it? Thinking about it, a few other "old favourites" didn't make it, like 2 Minutes to Midnight or Wrathchild. I wouldn't really want to see any of those on a tour which has so much potential for surprise songs. Infinite Dreams... man, I can't...
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    Forostar's Top 50 Iron Maiden songs

    Firstly, let me congratulate you on a job well done. This thread has been a delight to check back at every couple of days or so, and a hell of a lot of work and dedication has gone into it, and seeing it in its completed state is a joy. Sea of Madness is one hell of a bold choice, but in a way...
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    Forostar's Top 50 Iron Maiden songs

    Oo-hoo now we're talking! If there were something I'd like to hear, it would be a three-guitar harmony version of Infinite Dreams. Perhaps not the intro, but the one starting at 4:02 that you're referring to.
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    Forostar's Top 50 Iron Maiden songs

    I think this one would be amazing if it were reintroduced into the live set. The Maiden England version was great, and the 3 guitars would more than do it justice. Mariner is a great song, but I've always preferred this from all the other 80s epics (apart from AtG)
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    Iron Maiden - EN VIVO - Live from Estadio Nacional, Santiago!!

    Perhaps the split screen may come in the form of the "camera angle" feature, that was introduced with DVDs but very seldom used.
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    Concert schedule for 2012

    There are several rumours floating around, including that of a Maiden England DVD re-release and subsequent tour like the SBIT tour. Until then though, we'll have to wait for something from the band themselves. You'll have to be content with checking the official website every day like the...
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    Iron Maiden - EN VIVO - Live from Estadio Nacional, Santiago!!

    I'm fairly sure the Blu-ray contains all the documentary stuff on the same disc, but the article implies that only the DVD version has all the extras.