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    Iced Earth

    Hey, this reminds the Blaze bashing...  Many Iced Earth fans will bash Owens because they were used to Matt Barlow, as matter of fact, I loved Matt Barlow, but Tim Owens is an awesome performer, and so far, he is doing a good job.
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    managing to get on/chat with someone with no interest in music

    Perun is right.  You shouldn't force anyone to talk about something they don't want to talk, I mean, what for?  As matter of fact, in my humble opinion, you should be able to talk about different topics.
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    Men = Women ?? Not always...

    I certainly agree Albie and Iron Duke, that is exactly what I thought. However, I'm surprised you guys never ever encountered this issue before,  In my case it's not the first time it happens, since in Mexico they say "A la mujer no se le toca, ni con el pétalo de una rosa" (You can not touch a...
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    Men = Women ?? Not always...

    The World is changing, now we all know and accept women as the capable and intelligent beings they are.  Nowadays, there are specific laws in the governments worldwide that protect them, laws which I praise, for I believe everyone has the right to be treated as a human being, and I really hate...
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    Of course we are all going to see that movie!!! Ever since the gossiping about this movie started, I was excited, and hell yeah, I'm going to The Simpsons movie!!
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    The Greatest Human Who Ever Lived

    So mankind still has a chance.  This makes me think that if one man could save so many people, I could try and add my two cents.  I'm studying economy and finances right now, and I'm really hoping to earn a lot of money, but not in the way that I want just to be rich and famous, no, that's far...
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    Congratulations to Dr. Brian May

    Wow, this is a life example.  Imagine how pleased he has to feel, I really hope someday I'll do something like that.
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    Official Football Thread

    I think Chelsea will prevail, even though they are for my taste a little bit overrated, they will win the game. After all, they're a good team anyway.
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    Could this happen anywhere other than Texas?

    I'm deeply sorry and ashamed, but even though I think I have a good english I don't understand the terms "blatant" and "gurney", could you please explain to me, in order to understand completely your post? I'm sorry...  :blush:
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    Classic cinema - thoughts and questions

    Re: Classic cinema / current cinema - thoughts and questions Wow Shrike, I'm really glad that you also appreciate the zombie movies, specially Romero's work, since the social commentary he gives in his movies always make me think about our society. I do have a copy of both, Land of the Dead...
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    New posters! Who are you?

    Greetings, I'm not a new poster, however It's been a long while since I last posted, I just wanted to drop by here to say hello, and I hope we can still discuss music and many other topics just like in the old days when I used to post here, which I really want do more often now. Cheers. :bigsmile:
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    Your age, your life, your music and your turning point?

    Age: 18 First Turning Point:  First, as a child I used to listen to whatever my parents were listening, which were a lot of ballads (favourites of mum) and funk & reggae (favourites of dad), but then a cousin of mine introduced me to Iron Maiden when I was like 8 more or less, and all the...
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    Racism in the oddest places

    I think that intolerance to the jewish ethnicity comes, as you might think, from the lack of culture, please, let me explain myself here. As an example, by listening to racist jokes and laughing at them, you may start to believe in them, I mean the ideological content of the joke, therefore, if...
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    Classic cinema - thoughts and questions

    Re: Classic cinema / current cinema - thoughts and questions Hello there, it's been a while since I last came to the forum.  Anyway let's get to the point. I am a big fan of horror movies, specially zombies, I am what you would call a zombiephile, I just love the living dead.  So one of my...