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    Best Album to be played live in full

    I definitely agree! I chose Brave New World because: a) Every song is, in my opinion, is done in absolute Maiden perfection. b) The order of the tracks would make the concert flow very nicely. c) It's a fairly lengthy album compared to Seventh Son of a Seventh Son or Powerslave, which means...
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    Radiohead tells fans to pay what they want for album

    I paid $20 ($7 more than a typical Radiohead album costs), because I really like what they are doing (...also, I figured that most people aren't paying ANYTHING for it). I don't really know what Thom Yorke and the guys really think about alot of people not paying anything for the album, but I...
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    Radiohead tells fans to pay what they want for album

    Personally, I applaud Radiohead for doing this. Even though they are IMMENSLY popular (at least here in the states), they continue to act like a totally independant band. Their integrity as a band baffles me. I agree with you 100%. Really, try and just casually "listen" their album, Kid A...
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    New Orleans

    I never looked at it like that, but I highly doubt that whatever company is selling this thing thought of that.  Watch.  Now I'm going to turn on my TV and see another commercial about this model.  The guy's going to say, "The model symbolizes the Phoenix rising from it's ashes.  So metaphorical...
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    New Orleans

    I just really don't like the road the NFL is going down.  I used to be a pretty big fan of basketball (NBA) when I was younger.  I started to stop watching games when it seemed like the players and the league itself cared more about its image than the game... kinda like how some bands start to...
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    A thoughtful Address from George Carlin

    I love George Carlin's stuff.  I like him because he says really funny stuff, and most things he talks about makes sense and are so true (Like the whole post up there).  And nobody, I mean nobody says "f***" like good ol' George does.
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    New Orleans

    I'm not sure if anybody on this forum watches American Football games, but did anyone else watch last Monday's game?  The two teams playing were the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints.  This game had gotten alot of previous hype due to the fact that they were playing in New Orleans' new...
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    Feelings about IM T-shirts

    If you are talking about Disneyland or Disneyworld, I don't understand why you should be embarrassed.  They are very relaxing and enjoyable amusement parks. As for Maiden T's, I have a about 7.  First off, I love T-shirts.  Secondly, I love Maiden. So... why shouldn't I wear them?  They are...
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    Blind Guardian

    Me three!  The Illiad+Blind Guardian=Heavenly 13 min. bliss My favorite Blind Guardian album would definently have to be Imaginations From the Other Side.  I think I like it so much because it took quite a few listens over a time span of a couple months to really get into.  I can say the same...
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    Blind Guardian

    Sorry to call you out on this one Onhell, but it is 6 Degrees of Inner Turbulence.  I understand your mistake though.  I mess up the album name all the time.  In fact, about a year ago I typed Six Degrees of Minor Turbulence on a previous thread.  What the hell I was thinking I will never know...
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    Long Songs

    In my opinion, 8+ min. would be what I consider "a long song".  For me, I don't change my opinion on that between music genres.  The Cure's Disintegration and New Order's Blue Monday are both between 7-8 min. long, but they seem like a short trip down music heaven street for me.  I tend to like...
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    Blind Guardian

    I think Blind Guardian's new album is fantasitic.  I'm a huge fan of A Night at the Opera, and I really like the direction they are going with their music.  I love how their music is more concentrated on the best aspect of the band, and that's Hansi's vocals.  If you liked ANATO, then you'll...
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    album review

    I can't believe I just  read this whole thread.  It is was unusually captivating...  The commentary on A Matter of Life and Death really pissed me off at first.  I was thinking Armageddon has come upon us now that Maverick has started typing like this!  I'm so glad it was just a joke. ::)
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    Metal Gear Solid

        I bought the directors cut of Metal Gear Solid 2 a week ago and I'm about 10 hours into the story.  I not really liking it as much as Metal Gear Solid, though.  It is definently more action heavy.  I'm not sure if I really like that.  The cut scences somtimes drag on a bit, and get a little...
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    The Official Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    I'm really excited about the Buffalo and Carolina games.  I haven't really seen Carolina play that much (besides the playoff games).  That goal by Dumont at the end of the Buffalo and Ottawa game was awsome!  My Cup prediction goes to Buffalo (of course) and Anaheim. Lets Go Buffalo!