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    The Next Album (expectations / desires)

    Make a new song about vikings!  :bigsmile:
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    New on the forum :)

    Haha. Don't knowif I'm comfortable posting pics of her on the internet :P But I can assure you shes really hot :D
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    New on the forum :)

    woah :lol: Sorry for not posting in a while.... but was in Spain with my girlfriend. Was fucking amazing :bigsmile: :wub:
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    Heaven Can Wait

    Re: 'heaven Can Wait' I don't get how so many dislikes the song. I think it's my fav from the album actually. The start "can't understand what is happening to me, this isn't real, this is only a dream" part is so damn cool. Love the way Bruce comes in and sing, and he sings like he is...
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    Best Murder Song

    Where is Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter?
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    Norway 2006 or 2008

    Anyone got audio or video of one of these shows? Valhall, Oslo, Norway 2006 or Valle Hovin, Oslo, Norway, 2008 These 2 days was one of the best in my life... and I would LOVE to have these to listen to and/or watch
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    Which is better: "old" Maiden or "new" Maiden?

    Hard to say... Love the old and new.. But I guess I'm gonna go with new.
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    Favorite Iron Maiden Voice

    The all might Bruce :)
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    Best Maiden Song

    For The Greater Good Of God, Lord Of Light and Infinite Dreams
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    Favourite Album

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    New on the forum :)

    Hi all. I'm 18 years old, and from Norway. And I fucking LOVE Iron Maiden :D Theyr my fav band, alongside one more.. My fav album is A Matter Of Life And Death. Even tough it's hard to choose just one... Love trying to figure out what all the songs is about and stuff. So yeah... Helloe  :)
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    The Next Album (expectations / desires)

    I would like one in the lines of AMOLAD. Cus thats my fav Maiden album. And the whole sound and lyrics and Bruce's vocals and everything is just so...heaven :wub: By the way, I'm new here, hi :)