Your Maiden blasphemy


Sorry for being so blunt , but I hated these songd from the first time I listend to them them till now !

Wierd , maybe silly , I know .

The Nomad

"To Tame A Land" is my favorite on POM, and for a long time, it was my favorite Maiden track. For some reason at the time, I had skipped from Powerslave all the way to BNW and when first hearing it I was immediately drawn to "The Nomad". The fourteen second intro before the momentary pause is just the beginning of this masterpiece.

What they've done with Beckett's "Life's Shadow" is incredible, but I suppose a mention of thanks on the album notes would make people feel better.

I'm so glad you recognize it's genius (wink). This song is bonecrushing, raw and hard. It's the rawest and most powerful song Maiden has made. I will not say much more about it except that the fusion between heavy metal and Arabic/Egyptian melodies resonate extremely well with me.


I imagine it probably depends quite a bit on how old you are.

I suppose that's true.
I just dig the whole package with Killers especially.
There are some great tunes on it as well.
As I've said before, Dianno's voice was perfect for those first two albums. So much attitude.