Your Maiden blasphemy

Hmmm... The Ides of March, Wrathchild, Murders in the Rue Morgue, Genghis Khan, Killers are great songs.
I agree with you on Wrathchild (I'm of those who never gets tired by this song when played live) and I'll add Purgatory that I really like as well. For Murders in the rue Morgue and Killers, they both have the same problem imo, great intros but then they become very repetitive very fast, specially MITRM
I'm so uninterested in Killers that don't even remember the song titles or the last time I listened to a song from that album. I think couple years ago I listened to the title track and it was only average song in my book.
I may have said this before but for me 'The Final Frontier' is Maiden's very very worst album. It only has a couple of standout songs, I don't like the singles or the artwork for the singles either. The artwork by Melvyn Grant is also horrible. It doesn't look anything like Eddie at all. If I were to do a ranking video on Youtube I would rank this album as the worst out of the entire studio albums. In fact, I prefer the Blaze Baily album over this album, and 'Fear of the Dark blows 'The Final Frontier' out of the water completely.
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Senjutsu would've been better as an EP:

2.The Writing on the Wall
3.Days of Future Past
4.Hell on Earth
I think it would need to actually have Senjutsu on it somewhere

I'd go for:
1 Stratego
2 Senjutsu
4 The Time Machine

Quality EP!

Bruce could include Darkest Hour on his solo album, and Steve could keep his other tracks for when Maiden bring out The Steve Album.
For me it was the typical songs: Run to the Hills, The Trooper, The Number of the Beast and Hallowed be Thy Name.
Similar for me being in 7th - 8th grade around the time of those albums.
Although in my experience HBTN didn't get much play back then, probably too complex for the attention spans of kids our age back then.
Instead there was a whole lot of Aces High and 2 Minutes to Midnight.
Senjutsu would've been better as an EP:

2.The Writing on the Wall
3.Days of Future Past
4.Hell on Earth
There's a fine album in there if you shorten the title track, drop Lost In a Lost World and do some restructuring.

1. Senjutsu (cut 2-3 minutes)
2. Stratego
3. The Writing on the Wall
4. Death of the Celts
5. The Time Machine
6. Darkest Hour
7. Days of Future Past
8. The Parchment
9. Hell on Earth
A History of Theft by Iron Maiden, without even mentioning "Life's Shadow"

Debut album: Iron Maiden steals their band logo from a David Bowie space-movie poster
Killers: Iron Maiden steals "The Ides of March" from Samson #JusticeForThunderstick
The Number of the Beast: Not done messing with Samson, Iron Maiden steals their lead singer
Piece of Mind: Iron Maiden steals "Revelations" from an old hymnal
Powerslave: Iron Maiden steals an entire epic poem from Coleridge
Somewhere in Time: Iron Maiden steals the story of Alexander the Great from Plutarch
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son: Iron Maiden steals the album concept from Orson Scott Card, but he's cancelled now so no one cares
No Prayer for the Dying: Iron Maiden steals "Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter" from their own lead singer
Fear of the Dark: Iron Maiden stole nothing for this album, that's why it sucks