Worst Iron Maiden Song

Discussion in 'Maiden Chat' started by Anonymous, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Nothing from Maiden is worse than Virus, it's even worse than the worst of the Bruce Dickinson solo catalogue.
  2. Black Bart

    Black Bart Ancient Mariner

    I guess this appreciation is up to each one of us, according to our own political/social sensitivity. As far as I'm concerned, it is the message first that disturbs me the most (although I don't find much to save in the other dimensions of the song).
  3. Black Bart

    Black Bart Ancient Mariner

    Great intro indeed. It wouldn't surprise me if it came from Bruce's 1986 demos (more of the folk type and left aside for Somewhere in Time). I like the rest too, but it is just that the band's performance on it (especially Bruce's) is not that good and neither is the production. I wish I could listen to a current rendering of the song (by a cover band why not, but the singer would better be really good, even though Bruce was at 60% on NPFTD)
  4. I love RSRD, it's a fantastic song, and I think Bruce sounds brilliant on that album. Actually, much better than he has sounded on all Iron Maiden albums since, his voice has declined with age, but he is still pretty good now.
  5. bornless1

    bornless1 Messiah Supreme. True Leader of Men.

    Interesting points. I would love to hear RSRD and a few other songs from NP and FOTD redone by the current Version of Maiden. Ditch the overly raspy vocals and clean up the rough edges all around. All in all RSRD Is very cool as is though. And as for Montsegur: can't improve perfection :shred:!!!!
  6. CriedWhenBrucieLeft

    CriedWhenBrucieLeft Night Growler

    With most of what's being discussed, there's not an awful lot wrong with the writing. Can you guys maybe try & get past the production?
  7. Operations666

    Operations666 Educated Fool

    Funny, that's my favorite Blaze era song by far. I think it's in the top 20 of best Maiden songs. Oh well, different opinions.
  8. soundwave

    soundwave Educated Fool

    I think RSRD is pretty decently above average (and pretty good when compared against the rest of NPFD). I always thought it would get a few nods in the setlists over the years...too bad Maiden relegated this to the "back of the back catalog closet".
  9. The only Maiden songs that I actually DISLIKE is Bring Your Daughter...to the Slaughter and Angel and the Gambler. For BYDTTS, the lyrics are corny as hell, and it's not all that memorable. The thing that saves me from hating it is the guitar solo. Then, I'd say that the Angel and the Gambler sucks, mainly because it's absolutely BORING. So boring that it gets annoying. Other than that, the X Factor and Virtual XI were generally subpar albums But they didn't have any other bad songs. Sure, they didn't have any memorable songs other than Futureal and maybe Look For the Truth, but I don't consider them BAD. No Prayer for the Dying is actually a pretty good album. It even contains one of my favourite Maiden songs, that being Mother Russia.
  10. srfc

    srfc Ancient Mariner

    the metal press slagged it off for the lyric "a cunning fox in the chicken's lair" which is possibly a factor in it not getting a look in.
  11. Run Silent is one of my favourites from No Prayer
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  12. Gk1

    Gk1 Ancient Mariner

    Nowadays I find Virus the worse Maiden song. Repetition, awful drums, then even more repetition. Plastic-like production with unacceptably fake synth sound. I think it was one of the really good examples that showcases that Maiden really lost it!
  13. Welsh Phantom

    Welsh Phantom Ancient Mariner

    The home video saves it though!

    Who can't love the parts where they all try and look serious around the 25s mark.... and especially Nicko at 2:05!

    This video is so bad it's good. It actually makes the videos for Blaze's recent solo work look excellent :)

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  14. Ruflux

    Ruflux Educated Fool

    If the Holy Smoke video was done on a £10 budget, then the Virus one must've been negative £10 or something. It really does cross the "so bad it's good" barrier.
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  15. bornless1

    bornless1 Messiah Supreme. True Leader of Men.

    This is a bit of a revelation. I've always found myself laughing at this video. Guess I'm not the only one! Haha!. It is a great way to spend a few minutes of your life. I really enjoy the song too though. I remember thinking it a tad annoying at first, the major changes etc. but now I really love virus and have it in fairly regular rotation.
    That Nicko face is freakin awesome though at 2:05 as pointed out ha!!:applause::yes:
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  16. Black Bart

    Black Bart Ancient Mariner

    The best part, as for me, is Dave SINGING! :D
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  17. SirRobbins

    SirRobbins Ancient Mariner

    I'm torn with what I like and dislike because there are songs I hate the studio version to but love the live version.. Hallowed is one of them... Never liked the studio version but the Rock in Rio is freakin awesome... Same with Ghost of the Navigator and such... Should have a thread on tracks done better live than on an album
  18. Brigantium

    Brigantium Recovering tea addict Staff Member

    That probably exists, if you want to search back through a few pages.
  19. RueMorgue

    RueMorgue Prowler

    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son not up to Maiden standard? Please tell me you are joking! It's an absolute classic in the same league as Hallowed Be Thy Name!
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  20. Hermod

    Hermod Nomad

    I take it you've never grown up or lived in an inner city council estate then? You know the sort of place, where drug dealing and petty crime are a way of life, where "gangs" control access to and from the stairwells and lifts etc?

    Where the old bill are wary of entering the area and ambulances won't attend, no matter how urgent the call without a Police escort?

    Where old people really are too terrified to go out after dark and you have to accompany your children to and from every activity they take part in because you darn't risk them coming and going alone?

    I thought not. because if you had I'm pretty certain you wouldn't be quite so high and mighty, or should I say "narrow minded"?

    Just saying.....

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