When the Wild Wind Blows

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Ancient Mariner
Listening again now, I actually think there is some Afraid To Shoot Strangers in here as well. One particular variation of the main guitar melody, to be precise - the one done after both solo parts. First right after the 5 minute mark, and then again at 9:04-9:26. It reminds me a lot of the part from 5:42 in ATSS.
In this clip:
5:03 - 5:43
6:03 - 6:23

(around a minute in total)
Not just the guitars. The rhythm/accents is samey as well.

Number 6

Ancient Mariner
Not just the guitars. The rhythm/accents is samey as well.
I can hear a few similarities, but those parts in WTWWB are different enough from ATSS to rise way above the rehash level. It's not that similar to me, far from that. Some people claim it immediately stood out to them, "that's 'Afraid To Shoot Strangers'!", but I just don't see how. I would never have noticed if no one had pointed it out.
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Love in anger
Not just the guitars. The rhythm/accents is samey as well.
Yeah, that particular bit is probably 3/4 the same as the bit from ATSS, albeit in a different key. But like @Number 6 said, it's not so much the same that it would have leapt out at me, like the intro of "Face In The Sand" rehashing the vocal line from "Dance Of Death".


Last Son of The Miracle
Now you've mentioned that section from ATSS, I've noticed the beginning is the same as the "Mist is in the trees" melody from Empire of the Clouds.


Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
From a storytelling perspective, "When the Wild Wind Blows" is a pretty great song. From a musical perspective, it's still pretty good. This is the most obvious Steve Harris epic 'Arry has ever written, but it works quite well, introducing characters, the setting, and takes you on a little journey before reaching a pretty shocking plot twist at the end there. It isn't among the band's best epics, but it's a strong closing to an inconsistent album. 7


Out of the Silent Planet
The start of the song really suits it. Beautiful intro. The verses are some of Maiden's best. Janick shines in this song. The harmonies are again very good. Great solo from the Adrian and the melody after it is amazing (done by Janick). Dave's solo is not bad. Janick's one is good (typical solo from him) and suits the atmosphere of the song (like in The Talisman). The whole song is full of melodies, tempo changes, great riffs. The end is calm (just like the start - typical Steve) - and it's great. Maybe the song is a bit too long, but I can't give it something different from 10/10.